Daily Inspiration #297 by Dante Carrer

Hello from The Bahamas!

It was getting quite late on a Saturday night when I decided to visit your website. Two minutes later I put on pants, grabbed the nearest camera (D7000 w/ 50mm f/1.4) and headed downtown. One of my favorite performers is (Crazy) Johnny Brown and his band. He has amazing presence and is a true entertainer. It turns out that last night was his first show back after major surgery. You could see a shimmer of pain in his eyes but this was soon eclipsed by the joy he gets from performing.

First photo: Crazy Johnny being himself.


Second photo: Becky, Johnny’s bass player.


Third photo: Johnny pushed through the pain and successfully finished a great the night.

All three shot wide open at 1/125 at either ISO 800 or 1600. B&W conversions and minor tweaks done in Lightroom.

Thanks for inspiring people like me to get out and shoot!

Dante Carrer

Nassau, Bahamas




  1. Thanks for posting this Steve – it really means a lot to me!

    And… thanks to everyone for your kind posts.

    I love my D7000 but I’ve been shooting with my M3 + Summicron 50mm f/2 for the past few weeks and I am having a hard time putting it down. Wide open Leica glass and the simplicity of shutter+ aperture+focus bring a smile to my face. I’ll be sure to send you the scans when I get around to processing the film.

    Keep shooting!

  2. [img]http://www.flickr.com/photos/ravirajamadan/6459410479/in/set-72157628269090735[/img]

    behaves a lot like Rahul Ram – bass guitarist and lead singer – Indian Ocean .

    Loved no.1 photo .

  3. Great photos! No 1 is my favorite, especially with the BW treatment. That D7000 is a great camera and I have spent years enjoying my 50 f/1.4. Keep it up!

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