What would you pay for a Fuji X-Pro 1?

What would you pay for a Fuji X-Pro 1 AND 35 1.4 Kit Lens?

Lots of speculation over what the price of the new Fuji X-Pro 1 will be. When Amazon put up the camera and lenses for pre-order they listed the body only at $1699 and sold out their pre-orders in about an hour. Lenses came in at around $600. But since then we have heard Fuji may sell the body and 35 1.4 kit lens at $1600, not the body only. It seems no one really knows what the real price is going to be of this beautiful camera.

Today mirrorlessrumors announced that the camera and kit lens will be coming in at 1590.00 euros, and some are even saying that will be the body only price. If true, that is around $2000 US. The question is, would you pay $2000 us for a Fuji X-Pro 1 and 35 1.4 kit lens? I would, and in fact did place my pre-orders at Amazon for the body and all three lenses, which totaled around $3300. But $2000 for a body only would be pushing it if that turns out to be the case.

For those who have not yet seen it, you can also see Vlad Dodans hands on preview HERE of the X-Pro 1.

The question is, what are you willing to pay for a Fuji X-Pro 1 body and one lens?

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  1. FUJI XPRO… HIGH end camera, HIGH pricetag with LOW END PERFORMANCE.

    I have had an long look and try with the FUJI Xpro.
    And my conclusions is the xpro is a NO GO. Its simply not there yet.

    We have image quality and retrodesign, new lenses, new interface.
    Fujis marketing IS TERRIBLE. they are not out to inform you. they dont even try this time.
    They are basically saying that we dont wanna talk about manual focus or autofocus = performance in real definition. Performance is not just ergonomics, image quality, iso capability and user interface,
    that is just a very tiny fraction of it.

    It is really very simple. The performance is just not there. The idea is to not have any illusions.
    What good is image quality if performance is terrible. Manual focus is terrible, just forget it.
    that means that you can only rely on the autofocus. And the AF is terrible for the money you will be paying fuji for a poorly implemented performance.
    You can now change lenses, what good is that when you are stuck with a low end performance camera body.

    Kayce M. Baker, Director of Marketing Fujifilm
    Her quote when finally asked about the AF ” Its Smoking fast”
    She is full of sh#t, It is not even close too near fast.
    Focusing issues mostly because of the fujis contrast detecting of course.
    Now here is where they COULD have implemented one of 2 things.
    Panasonic,Olympus Ep3 AF type implementation.
    Or a semi phase and contrast detecting hybridsystem which would increase performance
    even at low situations. This is not a utopian idea or new, this is even implemented one some
    high end compact cameras.

    In the street this is even more an issue because its not just about performance, its about action performance. For this you need know the tricks and settings beforehand.

    If you want to photograph statues or buildings or weddings where things are not fast, than thats FINE.
    You can do that with any dslr camera.

    This idea that it is cheaper than Leica M system is a marketing trick. Leica is another category no need to compare. Leica glass is good even great but even great glass doesnt make a good picture. That said you definitely dont need a Leica to make a good photo.
    Still people mostly buy into the myth and a Leica marketing idea.

    As I said before fuji are not there yet. If you got the fuji x100, then just stick with it and keep taking

    If its image quality you want than you can get that with any other analog slr, compact or mid level dslr camera, just pick a brand. Pick your fav.


  2. I think the price is on the steep side especially when you add in the lens cost. Let’s get real here folks and really think about this camera and what it offers to a professional. How about the wedding photographer who has to move around the event taking candid photos and uses a mainly a zoom to catch those candid photos. And what about image stabilization and low light focus speed? The cameras professionals are using do this already and I don’t see professionals just throwing out their money because of hype. I personally believe this is a camera for the enthusiast and as such should be priced to compete in this market. It’s being called a “cheap Leica” and it really is not. Leicas are so expensive that they have become unattainable by most unless you happen to be well heeled and the name “Leica” fits your status like Ferrari would . Fujifilm doesn’t compete with Leica but they do compete with Panasonic, Sony and all the other Japanese camera manufacturers. As such they should be more aggressive in their marketplace and offer better pricing including packaged deals with lens kits. Sure I would like to buy an Xpro 1, but there is no zoom lens or image stabilization and am I willing to part with $3,549.00 so I can have three lenses that cover 27mm to 91mm. Nope..not today! Now that every camera manufacturer knows what we really want expect to see Fujifilm copycats in the near future at more aggressive pricing….please with image stabilization and a quality fast 24-90mm zoom that can do macro also.

  3. “¥135,000 (~$1,743). This suggests that the US price will be in the range of $1,600-$1,700” for the body only. Still interesting? Pretty steep imo.

  4. Need to see more image samples. And needless to say need Steve’s review 🙂

    Seriously, anyone come across portrait / people shots? I am surprised Fuji hasn’t released any portrait shot yet.

  5. Seems as though rrp will be approx $2000 including 35mm f1.4
    To me X-P1 is $1300 lenses $500. Kit tops $1700.
    In a few months kit will probably be $1700.
    In a year $1300-$1500.

  6. Im inclined to think online buzz (which I too added to) helped raise X-P1 price.
    If we feigned disinterested we may have got a more wallet friendly.

  7. I really don’t care what the price is. To me the real value is to be a market leader in a quality interchangeable lens, rangefinder, small sensor camera which will set a reasonable starting point for the folks in Solms to meet (with their traditional red dot premium) when they make the expected Photokina announcement this fall. This Fuji offering reminds me a great deal of the Contax G2 and
    if the lenses are up to snuff, it should be a terrific alternative to Leica.

    • that is a lot of money, i still hope that Fuji’s rep in Amateur Photographer’s video was correct when he said around £1000 for body.

  8. It all depends on the side-by-side review with actual images! From what I’ve seen already I wouldn’t give you a penny for the camera, but that might change. I also need to test the camera and see how it focuses. I have a feeling maybe the next generation will be ready for prime time. Lots of marketing talk, but Fuji has to actually supported it in the end.

  9. When one considers the current price for the Sony NEX-7 body-only, $1500 for both the body and 35mm lens for the new Fuji makes sense. Alas, I would not purchase this kit at that price point. Given that I paid less than $1000 new for my Pentax K-5 and have several fine prime lenses for it, I just can’t make a legitimate case for the Fuji.

    That doesn’t mean the Fuji isn’t sexy and desirable – it is. And I plan to pick up an X10 in the near future. I like Fuji. But the company has mentioned a less expensive camera in the XPro family before long. I’ll take a look at that, the new Olympus with built-in EVF and WR, and whatever Pentax unveils in the mirrorless space this year.

      • You’re absolutely right….. in overall terms the M3 is…I do have that one and use it..

        I was comparing this Fuji APS-C with the Leica M8 APS-C…. if that would be the
        choice…than choose ‘the real’ one and adapt leitz lenses without adapter

  10. A few have commented about the foibles the X100 and the X10 has. The XPro manual focus is no improvement on the current MF of the X100. Personally, i would agree with what a few other have said here; wait a while, watch all the firmware updates go through and see just how this camera performs before looking at picking one up at a considerable discount. If Fuji were able to include ‘focus confirmation’ or ‘focus peaking’, then they would have something pretty special.

    i also understand that its quite a noisy beast.

    Personaly, at this moment in time I’d go for the Ricoh GXR with M-mount.

    That said, I havwe nothing but praise for Fuji for breaking the current ‘mould’ and bringing something a little more stylish to the camera community. Lets hope it isnt a matter of style over substance.

  11. Let’s do a little numbers game. The excellent X100 sells for USD 1100. So its f2.0 lens on a stand alone basis would be priced in the USD 350 ballpark (similar to the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 pancake), which would leave some USD 800 for the body with its excellent sensor and brilliant VF. Using this as a benchmark, a few more MP, a slightly more complicated VF, a better (?) processing engine would justify a USD 1100-1200 price for the X-Pro1 body. As it stands now, the X-Pro1 is probably the most expensive aps-c sensor camera body in the market, dslr or not, except for the Leica X1.

  12. Well, I was saving the dollars for a nice Leica Kit. I think I’ll have to do some more research on this camera. Looks like an awesome camera with some nice glass.

    Steve, you need to put this camera to test.

  13. I’d buy it if it’s priced like NEX-7. Why? Well I don’t understand why some compare this to Leica when direct comparison should be made with other APS-C mirrorless systems. Leica is RF camera, Fuji isn’t.

    Fuji says that the build quality is X100 level which in my opinion is not a Leica level (compared to M6, haven’t held M9 yet).

    So we have fully featured and for some geeky NEX-7 with excellent video, possibility to mount pretty much any lens on it, with focus peaking and so on.

    On the other hand we have X-Pro1 which Fuji says is aimed at pros – yes and no. AF seems to be, well how to put it, there and when it’s not there one would want to use MF instead but Fuji’s lenses are focus-by-wire and if it’s the same system as used on X100 then I’m not interested at all.

    So, there will be M adapter but no focus peaking? OK, some say you can zoom in (like on X100) but is this really feasible on street – you don’t have time for it.

    So I’d pay for X-Pro1 the same money as for NEX-7 only if the IQ is really that great as we’ve seen (DR, smooth transients and… – would skip high ISO since these are JPG from camera with NR enabled) because I prefer old-style controls, aperture on the lens just feels more natural to me.

    I own X100 and it replaced my old dSLR kit (sold a lens and the body and other 2 lenses gave to a friend of mine). I like that camera but let’s be honest here, it’s not fast, it’s moody – it has split personality. And build quality? Yes, it’s good but not perfect. I had mine since August and there’s already some dust in the VF (behind the galss) and also I have dust inside the lens (just behind the front element) – how could it get in on the system with fixed lens which you can’t remove???

    Yes, X-Pro1 is pretty camera, yes it does have direct controls but if I invest money into something I want it to work and not spending time collecting my hair which I just pulled from my head because of frustrating operation. I still believe that all these samples are prototypes and it looks like there are several versions out there which would explain conflicting reports regarding speed of AF and MF feel (some prototypes and MF on lenses didn’t work at all).

    So if Fuji plans to charge 1590EUR for body only I’m out – not that I can’t afford it but NEX-7 with the proper MF and focus peaking seems like more realistic option for me. I’d buy X-Pro1 for ~£1000 or the same price as NEX-7.

  14. 1300 euros is my call. I do not see the reason why this should cost more than a d7k + 50mm honestly. All this excitement for a new body from Fuji and Olympus. They look cool but once they get into the high price range they need to deliver quality.
    I do not expect them to be in d700 league, but in d7k league, hence that should be their price. But again, I care about the result more than the look … so I guess many more would be willing to pay more.

  15. I’m buying used… then strapping my M-mount lenses. The price I’m willing to pay depends on what Steve-O has to say and how long it takes for my M8 to crap out.

  16. With fast AF and capable / usable manual focus I would happily pay $2K+ – less than half that amount if the AF and manual focus are not that great.

  17. if fuji would make an NEX shoe mount adapter, it would be genius!!!
    use the hybrid ovf for fuji lenses, and a NEX5n’s EVF on this fuji for manual focus lenses to the fuji m-mount adapter lenses!!

  18. I love it… (so far)

    I’d be jumping in at the high end (with lots of trading) providing i can get accurate focus in low light either AF of an effective MF with a peaking aid. The 35 f/1.4 would be my weapon and I’d hope to get something circa 20mm (35 equiv) or wider in time, I wouldn’t mind a slow aperture in that range.

  19. Fast autofocus? $2000+
    Fuji has a history of making great cameras with new features that work. Well worth putting up with their oddball menu systems.

    Slow autofocus? $1000 tops.
    Picture quality will be great, but that doesn’t help me if all my pictures come out focused on the leaves behind the happy couple (or whatever). I have plenty of good pictures of leaves.

    • Echo that!!! Unless you are looking for a pure landscape camera, focus quality will matter much more to making a quality picture than even other things like sensor size etc. It quickly becomes the limiter and who wants to make 5 pictures to keep one.

  20. Need to see some portrait / people samples first, at 100%, and need to hold it, play around with it before making final decision. It’s top of my list for planned upgrade.

  21. According to the ONE review out there, operationally the X Pro 1 has some of the same issues the x100 has – like the slow/imprecise autofocus. That would be a serious limitation, and I dont think I would buy the camera because of it. To many “normal life shots” (candids, street, family etc) simply dont “hold still” because you want to photog them.

    • You may have the same problem if you use the M9, as you have to focus manually.
      Henri Cartier-Bresson made a reputation with a manual focusing rangefinder Leica and mostly with a 50mm lens.

      I think you can use the range focus indication in the viewfinder and have you camera ready for most the photos in the categories you indicate and I don’t see it as an absolute drawback.

      What worries me and may prevent me from buying it is the lack of a focusing assistance for third part lenses, to allow me to be ready in manual focus mode.

      If I need a really fast focusing camera I’l use a SRL, specially in particular situations like a fast moving subject that is coming towards me, as this is a situation when some SLR’s excel .

  22. EVF not as good as the Sony OLED in the Sony Nex7. No focus peak for manual lenses as in NEX 7. If you want to use legacy lenses NEX 7 is fab. As a new system with fast primes with good OOC jpgs I’d spend 1500€=$ for body and lens max. X100 with lens is about 1000€. Better body (same EVF and variable OVF) plus lens should thus be not more than 1500.
    I love the NEX7 EVF with legacy glas. Easy to focus, small, fantastic detail, good up and including ISO 1600. What else are you looking for?

  23. Up to € 1800,00 would be an acceptable price for the kit.

    However, the camera seems to come with a serious problem for this kind of equipment and considering that Fujifilm said they will produce an M mount adapter – it has not and according to some news will not have any kind of manual focus assistance other than enlarging a part of the electronic screen (at least the LCD).

    When we see Sony E and Ricoh GRX solutions it’s difficult to understand how Fuji can skip such an important feature. This way, people that expects to be able to use their present lenses (in my case OM and F mounts) will think no twice but “x” times, with “x” much bigger than 2.

    • And this must be an easier implementation as Sony did it in a way owners of previous cameras (NEX-5) could get it via firmware update.

  24. I think somewhere between $1500 and $2000 would be fair for the kit, if it lives up to its on-paper hype. The sweet spot would be about $1800 for the camera and a fast (equiv)50mm. I’d certainly consider it if the initial reviews are as good as I hope they are. A fast, (relatively) affordable, large sensored, high quality, yet portable system that can use my Leica lenses? This may be the one everybody has been waiting for, I know I have. I can’t wait to see how this pans out! This time next year I may switch back to digital…

  25. I do not understand how you may talk about price of something that does not exist. I want real product, not a prototype which we may not know how it will end up as a finished product. I also feel the idea of creating a cheap Leica M9 clone quite tasteless. If Fuji is creating something they must create an original piece of equipment like Sony Nex 7. Otherwise what they are saying to previous Leica buyers is: You have paid all this money for nothing, buy ours and you will be paying much less. Then what is the point of promoting Fuji’s so called pro X by saying “you may also use Leica lens with our body”. Will I pay less for Leica lenses if I show my purchase bill for X 1? Last word, why Panasonic produces GX without built in viewfinder? Why Sony prouces a nice body without a proper lens. Why are all this camera companies producing half spec cameras, creating big hypes and then not delivering products. They may all go to hell. The world is full of nice cameras which you may buy today. Please forget the cameras and start photographing.

  26. The Fuji XPro1 images are among the best I have seen and appears superior to comparable images from the Leica M9.
    But, can you live with the Fuji hybrid viewer ?
    If controls and viewer are acceptable, I don’t care if the XPro1 costs 1/5 or 1/3 of a Leica as long as it produces superior images.

  27. The amount I would pay varies depending on performance of the camera. From what I’ve seen so far the AF performance looks shockingly bad. I don’t require a speed demon of a camera, but the AF at least has to be accurate. The X-Pro1 seems to miss as often as it hits in the latest video up on Photo Rumors. Even when it does hit it’s as slow as a 3 year old Olympus E-P1.

    I can live with that kind of performance on a cheaper camera, but at $1700 body-only the camera better be near perfect, and the Fuji looks far far from perfect.

  28. If the OVF/EVF is really good, the AF and overall operation faster than the X100, I could pay more than $1000 or a bit more than a nex7 for the body, but otherwise it is not worth it if you consider the other mirrorless systems.

    If in addition the sensor delivers stellar IQ with “full frame” like resolution, dynamic range, colors, then a $2000 price points is ok if the lenses are good. But anyway provided you can use Leica lenses on it $2000 is still ok even if the Fuji lenses are not up to the sensor. Fuji talked a lot about the resolution and the no AA thing, but what about the rest ?

    If it is not the case the Fuji will sit in a very strange position. Expensive like a dslr system but not as good for many types of usage, and much more expensive than other equivalent mirrorless cameras. It would really become a niche product then.

    Anyway once we see what the OM-D can delivers, what the rumored K-mount or not K-mount pentax mirrorless will be about, and a few more primes for NEX from sony, the Fuji Xpro might seem suddenly a lot less attractive at the ~$1500 mark.

  29. $1800-2000. I’m on a local waiting list for a body plus 35mm, but I’m also curious to see what Olympus has to offer with their new OM-D. If the EVF is superior and the sensor is D7000-quality, I’ll definitely be weighing OM-D+12/2+25/1.4 vs the Fuji.

  30. Im not so sure about this system anymore… It is a shame that it is still “focus by wire” like the x100 which was my very very few dislikes about it. But if Fuji does sell the Kit (X-pro1 w/ 35mm 1.4) for $1,600 then i might consider it =)

  31. 1800$ camera body +kit lens, would be a very good and reasonable price i think,and I would buy without wait for someone to a review it. Consider that they are also another camera /mirrorles system such as ,.M4/3 and NEX .

    just for example the new GX1 or EP-3 [m43] would cost 700-800$ body only +add EVF2 200-250$ and +25 PL DG summilux -600$ ,and total is like 1500-1600$.

    also NEX 7 cost 1200$ body only+ 24 1.8 Carl Zeiss 1000$
    The only Question that remain is ,..IS IT WORTH IT? you may buy the cheapest camera/system but if the result of image quality it does not please you it will be so painful and in contrary in these days they are so many people sacrificed their SLR system just to get high quality result from an M9 even though is Far more expensive.

    for a Leica owner the price of Fuji x PRO1 it even consider very cheap, but maybe for ME if the price is more than 1800$,. I need to hear some very good review to convince me to get into the system.,..
    ,..I have to put the same QUESTION ,..IS IT WORTH IT?

  32. $1500 with lens would be a pretty fair price. Fuji has every right to test what the market will bear so I don’t have much hope we’ll see such a decent price initially.

    As much as I loved the X100, the slower operational speed eventually outweighed the wonderful image output so I ended up selling it.

    The images from the X10 don’t impress me so not tempted by that.

    The early samples of the X-Pro are also very disappointing for what Fuji is promising. I’m also noting how the X10 and X100 are still unfinished products. The upcoming X10 firmware will only partially correct the orbs problem and the X100 seems to be left to rot with no further improvements.

    This doesn’t bode well for the X-Pro. They need to nail down a camera 100% before I’m willing to commit the dollars they are asking now for the X-Pro.

    • Totally agree with your assessment Wataru—very rational an level headed. Unfortunately, Fuji does not have a good record regarding product maturity and evidence points to their “rush to market” driver which given their expanding product line one can only expect to worsen as they will require more resources to solve existing and new problems that will undoubtedly arise.

      We enthusiasts on the other hand don’t help much as we encourage their attitude by going in a frenzy about this kind of product announcements which admittedly on paper look great but for which we have no proof or record yet. IMO the sensible thing to do is wait and see how they deliver and not go crazy over their all sizzle and no steak approach. If the camera is all that good they claim it will be it will resist all the acid tests and remain in time and we shall then place our orders. Rushing to this is pure unbridled consumerism.


      • Thanks!

        I’m definitely willing to wait out the first round for the X-Pro. I’m more interested to see what the second slightlyblower end X mount body Fuji have talked about will be like. I wouldn’t mind a plain evf instead of a hybrid if it means a sub $1000 body price.

  33. I would say it’ll depend on the focus system on this one. I have the X100, and the focus system is the only thing I don’t like. Hope this is better than the X100 base on the focus system. If this is the case, I would pay up to $1800 for the 35mm 1.4F and the body. (Since it’s not full frame and not 100% VF coverage)

  34. Well not that the pre-orders sold out in less than an hour, we can forget about the 1500 sticker…and probably the 1800 too.

    • The camera is loosely patterned after the X100:

      X100 – $1,200
      minus: $500 for the fixed lens
      = $700
      + $300 as its an ILC system camera
      + $200 for improvements in sensor yet to be fully quantified
      + $200 for changes to OVF of hybrid OVF/EVF
      – 100 for failure to improve EVF
      – 100 for failure to implement proper focus aides to support adapted manual focus lenses

      = $1,200 without lens, first cut at this.

      Truth is I wouldn’t pay any price if my objective is to slap adapted lenses on the camera as the relatively poor EVF and lack of manual focus aides other than magnification (which doesn’t work well on that EVF) mean it isn’t usable for that purpose.

      • PS: It is merely coincidental that the price I came to is the same price for the NEX-7 body only. I merely took numbers that popped into my head as to value for certain things. That said the real value for the body only XPro 1 seems to me to be much closer to $1,200 clams than $1,700 unless one really believes the sensor and/or the too-intricate and not useful enough OVF are worth $500 on their own.

        • I meant $1500 for the kit…which is not gonna happen even with $1200 for the body…the body alone will cost more than the X100 for sure. My guess the kit is going to be somewhere double that amount (app. $2400). I hope thats low enough to flood the used market with X100s so I can finally get one 🙂

  35. THis is a little difficult to answere, but I converted my currency to USD and ended up in the $2500 range. Even the X100 was close to $2000 when it came out.

    If the IQ is great, AF fast and operating effortlessly I’d pay the $2500 for the body alone…

  36. I would pay $2000 for both if the image quality was there. It’s really hard to say at this point though without any real world reviews.

  37. I would pay up to $1500 for both. If it’s as good as my Fuji X10 or better, I would love to have it. But I should say this is a hypothetical statement because the X10 is meeting MY needs for the moment.
    Steve thank you for giving us a forum to express our opinion on the matter.


    Howard Tyree

  38. People say that it’s a Leica dream wish list. With things like auto focus evf video and all that.

    Don’t forget Leica is not about all those features. It’s all about man and machine. Mechanical feel, and precision of your eye to manual focus, the whole rooted experience of taking photographs. If you want video, af, evf than get a dslr from big three it will be more versatile with bigger and higher quality lens selection to choose from.

  39. Looks good but the hands review of a pre-production model does not impress me for the money. Hunt and miss AF with steer by wire MF does help either. Not for the money that has been forecast.

    I’m inclined to add the M mount and real metal Voight or Zeiss lens to put on my GXR.


    • Actually if you’ve been following the release closely there are plenty of pre-production X-Pro 1s around with samples and previews. So most people have a decent idea of what the cam is capable of. Also take it easy on the caps, please.

    • Direct answer: I think, at least for me, it would be nuts to jump on something whose performance, other than specs, is all I have to look at. Being new here, getting back enthusiastically after years, it’s apparent — even to me — that this year is going to make last year feel like a 2.0 here in LA. Much bigger things are hinted at all over. I’d really have to see if things are corrected in the x100 before I’d even think of buying this particular setup.

      I may just go back to film and get an M7, a good lens, and call it a day. Being older, I’d kill for optimal performance in FS, and great IQ is really the ultimate wish, but if neither Leica nor Fuji can resolve these problems, neither will get me with new kit.

      By the way, they’ve just invented a pin-sized camera! Interpolation techniques will be the next thing to pop that is really revolutionary. But it’s still years away.
      Thank you for the great site.

  41. It’s really a tough call until some real world, hands on testing can be reported. It’s like when the Oly E-P1 was first announced, people rushed into the hype and then suddenly the E-P2 came out with all fixes and EVF module/smart port. It sounds like this camera ticks off everything on the Leica digital rangefinder wish list (ie, auto-focus, integrated EVF, hi-res display, etc), but I think I’ll wait … I’m sure there will be a new and improved version right after launch.

    • i wouldve paid the full price, but now video reviews show very jittery autofocus. and fuji will make a m-mount adapter, but the question still remains how to manual focus??? will there be focus peak like the nex7? how to digital zoom in on the hybrid optical vf? and also the prices of the lenses does call into question the quality, would much rather invest in some good m-mount lenses. i guess its back to the nex7. fuji is such a dissapointment! too bad because based on looks alone i would have already bought it.

  42. I think that $1699 for the camera and $599 for the lens is already a great price, and will get it no matter what. So, if they come up with a kit price for the 2, even better.

  43. Usually, consumer electronics use a 1:1 conversion ration for Euro/Dollars.
    So if we see it a 1500€ you can expect $1500 as well… (plus we display prices including taxes)

      • Actually not really true.

        $1500,- estimating including about 8% taxes (depends whicht state in the US) would bei $1680,-

        But that would be 1.680,00 USD = 1.318,67 EUR with today exchange course.
        So we in Europe always pay by far too much for the same products and same periode of guarantee.


          • The way it works is that if you are not an Euro Zone citizen and purchase something within the Euro Zone you pay the asking price (in this case 1500€) + the VAT (normally prices are quoted net of VAT). Upon leaving the Euro Zone you fill out the paperwork and submit the receipts and you will get the VAT refunded according to a scale depending on the product, i.e. normally you will not get 100% of the VAT refunded. So in short, the price quoted of 1500€ (in France at least for now according to reports) + about 1% to 3% VAT tax is what you would have to pay converted to US dollars. The Euro Zone residents have to pay the price + the whole VAT. Hope it helps.


          • Hey Michael S, chill. I Could not reply below to your comment so I will do it here. The sense or spirit of the comment is simply to try to help US folks understand how the VAT structure operates for non Euro residents. I did not touch on the “math” associated with exchange rate conversion from Euros to US$.

            To clarify, in France at least based on current info, the price has been set at 1500€; if we assume international price parity that set price of 1500€ would indicate that the camera here in the US would definitely cost more than US$1500… if that is the clarification you are wondering about, but we don’t know at this point what the US price will be.

            Further, assuming a 1:1 Euro to US$ conversion is, of course wrong. The Euro to US$ exchange rate, as of today, is 1.2825 US$ per Euro, hence, under the assumptions stated, the price of the camera in the US would be US$ 1,923.75 + ST… (NOT US$ 1,500).

            BTW, your math is wrong: 8% sales tax applied to $1500 is $120, NOT $180.

          • Just compare i.e. Nikon 85mm 1.8 lense (new one launched).
            US-list: 499,- USD
            Europe-list: 529,- EUR = approx. 677,- USD

            there you have it. 26,3% added.

            Thank you Nikon!

          • Thanks Carlos, I understand your point—same goods are priced differently (and higher) in Europe compared to the US.

            Based on your numbers, i.e. US$ 677 equivalent in Europe vs US$499 in the US the situation is worse that 26.3%… it’s really more like 35.67%!!!

            Thanks for the info.

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