Daily Inspiration #311 by Josh Patterson

Hi Steve,

Got another DI submission for you.  It’s snowpocalypse in Seattle right now which means the city comes to a hault.  Sucks if your trying to do something but makes for great photos.  Anyways hope you enjoy these, they’re part of my 156 pics project (like a 365 pic project but just less pictures) which is at http://attemptedphotography.tumblr.com/



  1. COol shots, Josh. I too was enjoying the weather…Great work with the D7000/Zeiss 25 combo…looks like quite a combo!

  2. Really like the first shot, I don’t know what camera you used, but to me it shows the value in having a camera you’re not too precious about, I would not risk an expensive camera in a situation like this, but I would have missed a great photo.

      • I missed that bit, well good for him not being too precious about it. Most of us (me included) would probably try a bit too hard to protect a camera worth that much.

  3. Josh ,

    Your great space needle shot is very cool
    You nailed every artistic and tech aspect,enjoy the weather.

  4. Yes, I love the Doughnut shop photo too. This fantastic photo, I feel, would’ve been even stronger without the coffee cup on the table; the only text being the doughnut sign.

    • All good photos & this one is in the eye of the beholder because I think the ‘coffee cup’ makes that shot! It implies to me that some poor sap may of been sitting out there in the snow enjoying a donut or a cigarette with his coffee.

      • I agree Daniel I thought the same thing. I imagined this guy sitting there on that cold chair and finally saying #*@*! this I’m outta here!

  5. I LOVE the Snowy Space Needle !
    If I owned it I’d want to buy this image from you for the lobby.
    (I’d also be able to afford a Leica 😉

    -D7000 Guy

  6. Nice shots. Looks pretty cold. Down under here in Australia it 38 degrees Celsius. Kids have never seen the snow.

  7. Thanks everyone! I realized I forgot techinical detials in my email. All photos were shot with a D7000 and a Zeiss 25mm f2.8 lens! Thanks again for Steve for posting!

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