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Daily Inspiration: Workers.

Hi Steve,

We had a tragic train derailment just outside Toronto a few days ago where three engineers lost their lives. It got me thinking about how the “workers” that keep our cities going are often under-appreciated, even though they sometimes risk their lives.

Over the years, I’ve photographed the occasional city “worker”, and I’ve always found them to be generous in spirit and good sports for the camera. Interestingly, these qualities always come through in the photographs and make for interesting portraiture.

So, with that in mind, the following photographs are dedicated to the men and women who work hard to make our city safe and orderly, and especially to those who have lost their lives while on duty. If any of your website viewers want to share their own photos, that would be greatly appreciated.

Your friend,

Peter | Prosophos.



  1. Some pics are a bit too much out of focus for me. Are they shot wide open? Seen some better ones on your blog, though.

  2. Your already very nice pictures get even more meaning in the context that you’ve placed them in. A really sympathetic tribute to the civil servant.

  3. Superb photographs as always Peter. I always enjoy looking at your excellent work, the connection you make with your subject always shines through and makes me want to get out and strive to take better shots. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow,… these pictures are telling me stories! My favorite photo is the 6th Picture of “Mike”, I assumed it’s his name as printed on his hardhat

  5. Some really great shots here Peter….you really have a knack for capturing the Working Man. Thoughtful collection, look forward to seeing more of your work.


  6. I can’t share any photographs with you, but I can certainly share with your sentiments regarding the undervalued city “workers” who keep our cities running.

    They should get the big bonuses, and not the greedy investment bankers.

    Great street portraits – your appreciation of the work they do shines through in your photographs.

  7. Good composition and good storytelling. I am guessing from the color and depth of field that 2,3, and 4, at least were taken with a full frame Leica.

  8. I follow Peter’s blog every day and can really recommend doing that. My favorite is ‘Mike’ with the razor sharpness and great microcontrast.

  9. Excellent work! Your use of the horizontal format really places the subject well within the environment, and your composition is very nicely done. I like it.

  10. Well done Peter – wonderful images that capture exactly what you’re talking about. This is what can be done with the power of great photography when it is aligned with the heart.

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