Daily Inspiration #325 by Dan Bar

Hi Steve

just came back from Vietnam. Lovely country with lovely people .

In IsraelI it is not easy to photograph people and sometimes it is even hard, unlike Vietnam where most people welcome your photos especially photos taken from such a short distance as I do, since i only use the 35 asph II.

Many of the pics where shot in foggy condition. In Sapa ( north Vietnam ) where you can find fog 25 days out of 30 days the whole year which is of course heaven for photographers who like to shoot in such condition.

As I wrote to you I shoot with the Leica M9 and the 35 Lux II which is in fact my only Leica lens.

I tried almost all Leica lenses and as much as I liked the 50 LUX and others, they all did not fit my way of shooting which is mostly people ( street photography ) and from close distance. I don’t need anything wider than my 35, and I am not too fond of portraits, so whenever I used a lens from 50 and above I felt the object too close to me.

So all the foggy pics were shot in Sapa. Some where shot in Halong bay which is really beautiful

Some were shot in Hannoi and Hue. The coloured ones where shot in DNG and the black and white in JPG

Take care

Dr Dan Bar


  1. All of them are very well done. For mood, I like the motorcycle in the fog, too. But I also really like the gentleman on the hammock with what I guess is his wife. They appear so friendly and welcoming.

  2. Really nice shots. My favorite has the motorcycle coming towards us with its headlight piercing the fog. Thanks for sharing.

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