Daily Inspiration #327 by Christopher Bel

Hi Steve,
Big fan of your site… I thought I would submit a couple of pics for daily inspiration.  I was in Chile a few months ago on a commercial shoot (I’m a cinematographer) and had a few spare minutes to take street pics.  Because we were already traveling with hundreds of pounds of motion picture camera gear I was limited in what I could bring for stills.  I brought my M9 and the 50mm 2.5 summarit lens. Having a single lens was both liberating and a challenge at the same time.  It forced me to find the frame and not waste time changing lenses.  The series I am sending is from a local farmer’s market we happened upon.  These were delightful people, all of whom wanted their photos taken.  It also shows off how good the Summarit’s are… I also own the 35 and 75.  (50 summilux on order)
Hope to make it to one of your Leica seminars some day… Maybe another Seattle session in the future?  (Ashwin Rao is a friend from the Seattle Leica User’s Group)
Chris Bell
Christopher M. Bell  | Cinematography


  1. Great shots, Chris. It was great to see these in person a few months back, and great to see you here!

  2. Nice I really like the 3rd picture! The output is similar to my 50mm Summarit on the M8 lol. It has that classic look to it. So I prefer my 28mm elmarit much more as it renders images with nice “pop” less classic look. Beautiful pictures. I am hearing Chile is very interesting to visit.

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