Daily Inspiration #332 by Bjorn Wad

Hi Steve,

First of all, great site! Lots of superb info on Leica. Just wanted to submit a photo of mine to the daily inspiration. The photograph is taken from an exhibition I had in 2011, portraits from norwegian retirement homes. The whole series is shot on the M9 using a 50mm summicron.
I’ve added some more images from the series so you can see the storyline a bit more clearly.
Have a great day!
Kind regards,
Bjørn Wad


  1. I just found this site by looking up ideas for retirement home portraits. These are the first that I’ve seen and they are awesome!!! I just made my first phone call to a retirement center and was instructed to call back tomorrow to speak to the director so I am really getting pumped up!!! The lady I spoke to said that it had never been done there but agreed that it sounds like a great idea. Wish me luck!!! Maybe I’m on to something here…lol!

  2. I have been coming to the site for months and enjoy it very much. (Thanks, Steve) Don’t have a Leica, (yet) but enjoy shooting with my Nex-7 and my Ep3. I just wanted to say that I love these shots. Elderly people are so often overlooked and these beautiful portraits give them the focus they deserve, all the while surrounding them with humor, strength, grace and mystery. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I LOVE these images, especially #3. Inspiring, thank you for sharing.

    I wonder if the lady in #3 would have a photo of herself in her youthful prime that you could layer into the mirror frame. How cool would that be?

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