Daily Inspiration #342 by Adji.AP

Hi Steve,

I am just another weekend photographer. What interests me in
photography is to capture moments when people doing their activities.
I also like to shoot people portraiture.

Once on a time, I pay a visit to a local theater here in Jakarta,
famous for its traditional performance ‘Wayang Orang’. It is a puppet
show that is actually a people’s performance. The show is about battle
between the good and  the evil, based on Mahabharata epic story.

What really intriguing me is what happened behind the stage. How the
players prepare themself, how the make up done, the costume, and so
on. And here it is, I’d like to share it with you guys.

This series of images were taken with M6, Kodak Tri-X 400, Summilux 50
pre-asph, wide open.

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Thank you very much


  1. Adjie… great mood and I can feel the Wayang Orang

    fotonya bagus sekali 🙂

  2. wowie wow…. Amazing photos, LOVE them ALL, see how film can still captures moods deeper

    Thanks for sharing the almost extinct wayang orang artists at work

  3. The subject matter, the composition, the tonality, the grain, everything is superb here. And just imagining what the exposure times were with that kind of light, all I can say is congratulations, and thank you for such a good series!

  4. Great shots, I love classic black and white photography, available light, grain and all that comes with it. Although I like the advantages of digital photography when looking at pictures like this I miss my dark room!

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