Daily Inspiration #347 by Tytus Grodzicki

One year with Leica M9 – the first, but for sure not last!

Hi Steve!

I follow your site, which is very interesting (especially reviews are).

I am enthusiast photographer from Poland. My way through photography started long ago when I was a child, it was in early ’80s with some practica, exa (both made in GDR) and zenit (made in USSR) SLR cameras. Than I switched to Canon at first T90, then EOS3, which I loved. In the end I began with digital, but a bit late – in 2007. It was EOS350d (as second body to my analog one). In 2009 I bought EOS5d mkII and first time I felt comfy with digital.

As I started shooting people more and more, and was using, from my bunch of L lenses, nearly only 35L1.4, my thoughts went to Leica world. Last year in april I packed up all my Canon gear and exchanged it for small black thing with one superb lens 35cron. One year passed quickly and I feel in loved with my one lens set.

Please let me share with you some of my work:

One of my very first shot with M9, taken the day I bought it. Warsaw, 2011. M9+35cron, f2.8 1/1000 iso160.

Trzebiatow, 2011. M9+35cron, f6.7 1/250 iso320.

Kolobrzeg, 2011. M9+35cron, f4.8 1/500 iso160.

Malaga, 2011. M9+35cron, f9.5 1/500 iso160.

Akwidaa, 2011. M9+35cron, f5.7 1/500 iso160.


Best regards
Tytus Grodzicki



  1. Absolutely beautiful greyscales. This is how b&w should look when digital. Especially the LACK of visible blown highlights. You know the art of correct exposure when shooting digital. Thankyou for sharing.

  2. Really like the third and fourth photo, as they have more depth in them then the other three!
    Well spotted in #3 that the person in the mirror is on the first line and the other one is on the second line of the rule of thirds raster!
    #4 is mind puzzling and i keep looking at it to see if i get what you did!
    Well done!

  3. Your pictures are just magical, with emotions going by both “audiences” and “actors”… I am loosing my breath when I look at your photographic art.

  4. Nice work, Tytus. Really like the third picture, that one stands out for me.
    Are you thinking of buying another lens? or are you happy with just the 35 cron?
    For me I keep changing between 35mm and 50mm, and cant decide on what my favorite focal length ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Great Photos.
    My mother was born in Koszalin which is about 40km from Kolobrzeg. When I was young I used to go to Mielno with my grandad. Great Memories

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