Daily Inspiration #348 by Khunya Pan

Here are my submissions for the month.

My name is Khunya Lamat Pan, I currently reside in Austin, Texas. A link to my work can be found here. I also do a weekly mailing list called Khunya’s Photograph A Week. I basically send out an email each week with a link to a new photo of mine for people to see and send feedback on. It’s a great way for me as a photographer to keep myself in check and make sure I am always taking photographs. If one of these makes it on the site, I’d like to have the mailing list mentioned if at all possible. You’re more than welcome to include my email address as well so people may contact me if they want to be added. Let me know if that would work or if not.


Photo details:

Drag – Pentax K1000. Super-Takumar 50mm f/1.4. Tri-X 400 film.


Glitter – Leica M9. Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4. ISO 80.


Skate – FED-2. Industar 26M 50mm f/2.8. Ilford HP5+ 400 film.


Thanks for the cool opportunity! I also enjoy your website very much, especially the recent reviews of the SLR Magic Hyperprime lens and such. Keep up the good work!

Yours friendly,



  1. I looked at the pictures first and then read the article and comments. I thought 1 and 3 were cool. Only after did I realize that they were film.

  2. Nice stuff!! All three are very nice pictures but #1 and #3 are my favourites. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. M9’s pictures are nice & beautiful.. No question about it, but digital pictures, to me, it’s like trying to make a fake flower looks real. When I look at them for a long time, they will start to look bland and boring. At least to my eyes, digital = synthetic. Just trying to stare at the first picture for a few minutes and then do the same on the second one, my heart will keep telling me, “Hey, let’s go back to the first one”. It seemed like I just don’t get tired of looking at it at all..

    When it comes to the core of being artistic, films will always come first. For the convenience sake, then it will be digital. Even though the gears used are being named or not, film pictures have something special digital ones cannot be imitated, and you can tell or feel it. It’s like looking at the authentic Mona Lisa picture, if one knows how to look at it, s/he will eventually be able to tell which one is real and which one is not. It has soul just like what good film picture does on the first one..

    All in all, this is a personal opinion/feeling..,not trying to bring up the issue, film VS digital. They have their own good and bad.

  4. Khunya, your images are delightful. I would really enjoy enter your mailing list.
    Milano (Italia)

  5. Love the first photo, even though I’m totally anti-smoking. Great texture on that grain. Well done!

  6. Really great shots. Love the swirly bokeh in the M9 shot. The film ones are great too. Just shows that it comes down to the photographer and not so much the equipment. Enjoyed these very much.

  7. Film pics are effortlessly great, the digital pic is pretty bad. That’s a multi-thousand dollar M9 getting trounced by a $50 K1000?

    • tsk… tsk… – Its hardly about that and besides the M9/Lux-shot looks equally beatifull, at least to my eyes… i simply dont get this film vs digital issues people are having. Perhaps if folks would just realize its different and not really competing medias? Anyways, it would probably not even exist if the gear used for ones creative expressions wasnt ‘named’ alongside the works…

      • yeah, just ridiculous comment, if it said that all three photos were film second photo would be also praised for having “soul” and what not

      • Folks do realize that they are different, that’s the point. They still would have been worthy of comment without the gear being named. As you wrote, the M9 shot looks “equally beautiful”. Even “equally” it’s still a camera and lens that you can buy for near pocket change compared to the very expensive M9 and Lux.

  8. As usual, films pictures always look better than the digital even compared to the M9. It has magical grain and soul..

  9. Thanks! The K1000 is quite a beautiful yet simple camera.

    Also, the hyperlink didn’t seem to work when this was posted, so here’s the direct link to the rest of my work:


    Steve, if you want to add that to the original blog post, I’d greatly appreciate it. 🙂


  10. Nice shots, especially 1 & 2. The K1000 was the first camera I ever used and spawned my love of photography. Inspiring! Keep up the good work!

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