Daily Inspiration #345 by Pete Willing

Mr. Huff 🙂

Hi Steve hope all is well with you and yours. I know with each year your site has been growing to da max. You deserve all the acolades and credit for this. It’s the best go to site for the pro and relaxed shooter there is.

Lately I have devoted myself exclusively to iphoneography. With Instagram in my blood I have not picked up a regular camera in over a year. It’s been a fun ride to see just how far one can go with only using a camera phone. I’ve been satisfied with the outcome of my work, for in my old age I’m not the cirtiquing fool I once was, accepting my image for what it is.

Thanks for taking a peek, let me know what you think. And if you need a few for an upcoming daily inspiration, have at it, I would be honored. (BTW the Makapuu drive by pic what taken using the Ollo Clip lens)


Pete Willing





  1. Well done! I’ve really come to appreciate the iPhone’s camera and all the apps available for it. My faves are Instagram, Snap Seed and VSCO Cam. Sometimes you just don’t need an expensive camera to get your point across.

  2. Dream like feel of 3 will make an excellent memory keepsake. Just goes to show that for web, which is where most pics seem to be viewed these days, the best camera really is the one you have with you.

  3. You can have a cameraphone that now surpass last year P&S, you can have a P&S that let you “go PASM”, you can have a digital rangefinder that is unobtrusive and shoots great photos, you can have a DSLR that feels just “right” in your hands and is fun to use, you can have a mirrorless that let you travel light with many lens, each tool great for its intended use, but more importantly, if you learn well how to use “your” camera with its limitations, all of them can overlap at a point and let do something that the “others type” of camera can.
    And, this all different somethings all belongs to the wonderful world of PHOTOGRAPHY…

  4. Very nice images Pete and they prove that a phone can be use when the light is good.

    I have been doing phone shooting as well with iPhone and Lumia 800, but generally I prefer a real camera. Phone cameras are very difficult to use in low light where it is hard to get good result and in high contrast light the white areas very easily burns out.

    But anyway you proved that for a good photographer even the M9 is now obsolete (not just the MM) he..he 🙂

      • The M8 is way overrated in my opinion. A friend and I made a comparison with the M8 and the EP-1 mounted with the kit lens at one point (don’t recall the Leica lens) and even though the M8 output was sharper when pixel peeping the output from the EP1 simply looked better with nicer colors.

        • The M8 is underrated. It still is an amazing camera when used at low iso and coupled with a proper lens. It easily beats the (three year younger!) EP1 easily with regards to IQ, when iso is low. Handling wise it’s even worse: the EP1 is dramatic. I had one and sold it. Loved the size, but hated the interface.

        • The M8 slaughters the E-P1 and I should know, I owned both side by side for a while. The M8 you tried must have been either without an IR/UV filter, mis calibrated or with a horrible lens attached. The M8 is the superior camera to the E-P1, period.

      • Kais, sounds like you bough a Leica for the wrong reasons. The fact that you went out and bought an M9P and sold it shows that you made a large purchase that was ill-informed. All cameras will be “obsolete” very quickly if you look at it that way. It’s part photographer, and part gear. You would do well to control the part that affects your images most and not worry about whether your gear is “obsolete.” I’m guessing you purchased your M9P because you thought it was going to have sharper images than anything else.

        • No, I bought the M9P (after a M9 last year) a year ago knowing what I was getting.
          I really appreciated the size, the IQ that came out of this tiny box.
          But, let’s be honest, nowadays, almost any high-end camera can output something close, if not better than the M9/P.
          I’m more than happy with the X100, the Ricoh GXR and my mobile phone, the amazing Nokia 808.
          Of course, all the digital camera will be outdated shortly.
          As long as they give me what I ask, it’s ok for me.

          • I have an M9P and a D800E and the dynamic range and sharpness that D800/E can produce is jaw-dropping. I find myself using the M9P more though because it is just so much more fun for a lot of what I do. I really find rangefinders a blast to use! I need an SLR for certain types of photography that I like as well though, so the Leica can’t replace that completely. I guess what’s important is that a person shoots what they enjoy and the gear is fun to use for them, regardless of whether it’s a Leica or a Holga.

          • Totally agree !
            I ended up having more fun using my Nokia N8 and 808 than a “real” camera, although, the 808 is a camera actually.
            More funny and creative, that’s why I like photophone photography.
            But each task requires the right tool indeed.

    • Thanks so much Anders,
      The overall tone here hasn’t gone to the dark side yet. I’ve enjoyed all the remarks. Thanks so much for your kind words. I’m just an average old ranger that is still in love with photography. It is my only hobby and the only thing that gives me release (like a hot steam pipe, at the bottom of a deep dark cellar) and calms the savage beast in this modern world we live in.. Much thanks again. Pete

  5. Bravo Pete !

    Finally ! Somebody who doesn’t give a sh*t about the camera !
    All of you that are always wondering which new camera to buy, even if you can’t use the one you already have : watch and learn !!!

    So many boring/funny comments about people who are gonna sell their kidney to afford a M10 or a MM just because they think the Red dot will make them better photographers… Pathetic at best…

    Smartphones are the future of photography.
    In the 5-10 years to come, they’ll take over P&S and compact cameras.
    The work Nokia and Carl Zeiss made is very clever and interesting.
    While others focussed on the farting cow app, they pushed the sensors technology to another level.

    I’ve created a photo blog that quickly turned into a mobile photo blog, with the great Nokia N8 and the A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Nokia 808.

    You can check some of my photos here : http://www.kaisdebali.blogspot.fr (french speaking blog)
    (photos taken and edited using the on-board photo editor and a soft à la Hipstamatic called Sophie Cam).

    I really believe that our smartphones are highly capable of outstanding IQ and quality.

    The statement : “the best camera is the one you have with you” has never been so true with our smartphones, or should I say, photophones !

    • Very nice photos Käis.

      I agree that smartphones will take a big share of the P&S camera in the coming years. But then again P&S cameras will improve as well as we just saw with the RX100.

      I also agree that an M9, M10 or MM will not make anyone a better photographer – Flickr is full of boring photos from the M9. But no camera will make anyone a better photographer in my opinion.

    • Much thanks Kais,
      I believe I have seen it all. In the 60’s and 70’s it was all chemical work in my home (drove my wife crazy) and over the years have dipped into every form of photography there is, even negative film. There is a place for all cameras, styles and techiques in this world. What I am tired of is the absolutes, the person who refuses to look into the art, who says there is no other way. WAY!!!

      I read Steve’s into on the Nokia 808 and must admit it has peaked my interest. Thanks for taking the time to comment and I wish you all the best. Love your site too. Cheers

      • Thanks for the kind words.
        If you get the Nokia 808, it’ll quickly become your best friend.

        The details it gives you are really never seen before for a smartphone.

        Definitely worths the 555€ spent ! 😉

    • NIce of you to say Carolus, I should have put a grunged out photo just for change. but there is always another day. Be safe and thanks

  6. I think it’s cool that you devoted your photography to only one simple camera (that keep getting better).
    There are alot of nice photography apps for the iPhone and iPad.
    I like the third picture alot, Pete!

    What is your instagram username? I’ll follow 🙂
    Mine is; ivanholmedal

    Do you use any apps for editing?
    I’m combining Camera+, Snapseed, Hipstamatic and Instagram on my iPhone 🙂


    • Great attitude Pete, with photos that show some kind of talent and above all, passion for photography. I’ve seen thousands and thousands of photos from $10000 plus gear which these can compete with. The photography world is changing. In the end, if your happy with them, than thats what counts most. I’m actually in the same thinking, although I HATE cell phones, whether they have a camera or not, so Jan 1st this year I spent a whole bunch of money on a new system …a whopping $279 for a two camera combo, one waterproof and the other a little Canon Elph …I’m giving it until 2015 …than I’ll re-evaluate if I want an SLR or ILC again …for right now, though, no way, these little guys are so much fun. I take so many more photos and capture so many more memories with the mini’s.

      Instagram: happypoppeye
      Ivan …I found ya.

      • Hello Happy,
        Thanks for your comments here. I just checked your IG site and followed, a great feed. There is a great site called SeriousCamera.com that only deals with complacts and smalled cameras. Its a wonderful place to visit, learn, play whatever and if you should go, make sure you ask for BB, she will make you feel right at home.

        Good luck finding your go to combo camera set… no easy task and above all have fun.


    • Hello Ivan,
      At almost a year and a half without touching a so called real camera, my old jucies are flowing once again and it’s just a matter of time before I pick up the old camera. I still love film, still love a real camera in my hand hence that’s why I visit here daily.

      But for now I am an instagram junkie and go by the name @ima_soulman. Currently using the exact same apps you have listed in your note. Thanks so much, later today I’ll connect with ya on the IG. Cheers mate

    • Troy, how are things going, hope all is well. Thanks for the comments. I need to go over to your sites and catch up on your photos, life. Give the little one a hug from old Pete. Take care.

    • Congrats, Your shots are very beautiful! But – answering to some comments, I do NOT think that the best camera is what you have always with you. See, my Galaxy S3 is capable of very nice shots, but with it I can’t change DoF, or shutter speed, or anything I fancy to make the picture that I want… It’s a limiting factor to me, that I use photography not for chronicle alone but also for expressing me… But it is MY way to take shots, and I’m glad that today there’s a tool for any preference 🙂
      BTW my Panny G3 is always with me in a little messenger bag 😀

      • Thanks so much Andrea.
        Love your site, your style, direction and eyes are all thats needed. Loved the photos. And you are so right… do it your way to take the shots… Cheers

  7. Pete,

    It still takes the seeing eye of the photographer, as you have here, but with results like these it is easy to see why so many are more than happy using a camera phone. And it doubles as a phone, too. 🙂

    • Thanks Terry, the camera and tools of the photographer matter less and less with each passing day. You hit it tight on the head, it’s the eyes of the shooter and his vision that matter most to me. I appreciate your comments and wish the best to you and yours.

    • Love your work and especially your pics over on flickr. I’ll have to brush up on my french but for now your photos speak for themselves.. Cheers

  8. Great stuff, Pete. It’s been great to keep in touch over the past couple of years and see your style meld with whatever gear that you are using at the time. Great to see it featured here as well. All the best to you.

    • Ash: I too have enjoyed our relationship via the photography world. Thanks so much for your comments, support and your photo adventures you’ve taken us on. I love your work but love your spirit even more. Now as for your place with the Seahawks, well lets just say its tolerated 🙂 Pay me no mind, I’m just jealous because Me, Steve and the other Phoenix rats don’t have a team. But you enjoy yourself this season. Thanks brother

    • Mars OB: thanks so much, perhaps I’m abit too laid back but hey Ima old man and in easy mode. You have a wonderful flickr site, going to have to go back to revist your photos. Take care and thanks again.

    • Ibraar, your website is just beautiful and I appreciate your comments. At first I thought I had over done that shot with too much contrast and color (using apps on the phone its really easy to over saturate a scene, what looks good on the phone doesn’t always look good on a moniter. Thanks again

    • Thanks so much Jeremy, BTW that beach scene is my son and grand daughter.I should have put a note for each photo. My bad, but thanks

  9. Hi Steve and a big thanks and man hug for this spot on your blog. I am not out to prove anything to anyone with my humble photos here. And I mean humble. I just feel there is a place for the camera phone in our stressed out world we live in.

    I”ve been a follower for some years now and know who visits here and what they can shoot. From the purist to the free and wild it’s all here. From the opinionated to the easy going I’ve heard it all. Yes your open minded easy going style has attracted every type of photo buff you could imagine. That’s good I think… You have achieved much over these past years and I wish you all the best in the coming years… PW

    • The cool thing about Steve’s approach is that he’s got this site running for the love for photography. This means 12K lens reviews, iPhone photography and great interactions between people all over the world. Just a few of the many reasons why this is such a awesome place to hang out! :-). I sure like your pictures, so keep on shooting!



  10. It’s very annoying that the best shots of my 1-yearl-old daughter have come from cellphones, me an my Leica feel old and clumsy. Nothing wrong with iphoneography… for me its just better suited for personal and intimate subjects, less suited for sceneries and landscapes.

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