Daily Inspiration #353 by Marko Savic

Photos are part of my project “iphotoeverything”.

It is my visual diary, snaps of my everyday life that I am trying capture all around me.
Story about my friends, family, travels and everything interesting that crosses my path.
Photos are taken with my Canon 5D MK II & Leica R 35 2.0 (my favorite lens)
this is the link toward my blog:
Marco Savic


  1. Well done (goed gedaan!). Very interesting wall with pictures of famous singer Andre Hazes and his mother, also soccer icon Johan Cruijff.

  2. At last! ..Now THESE – especially on your Facebook pages – are worthy successor pics to Cartier-Bresson’s quirky photos ..but in glorious, deep colour!

    I’d happily pay £50 for a Blurb book of these pictures! This is creativity and observation, skill and impishness at their very best! Congratulations, and many thanks! ..These really are an ‘Inspiration’!

    • “..I would really appreciate if you tell me what is your favorite photo..”

      Of these three? The last one; the man smoking by the window: so atmospheric, and he’s just caught in the light ..but it’s a difficult choice..

      On your Facebook “Wall Photos”.. They’re all so incredible that it’s difficult to choose: the man with a football for a face, “Mascot of the WC”; the axe in the car boot ..that’s so plain and stark, with so much threat and dread; “Thai Cooking” – so quirky, deadpan and outlandish that it stops you dead in your tracks, but it’s precise: the wall’s verticals are dead vertical, and there may be something surprising just around the corner; there’s such observation and almost palpable photographer’s attention in every shot ..for instance in the beach scene with the white plastic chair and the inflatable boat..

      It’s the density of the colour, and isolating people with light (like the boy getting out of the swimming pool, between all the legs), and “Superman” in the pool ..that’s just so surreal ..that’s Daliesque!

      The woman in the ‘flume’ tube at the pool: the composition, the moment, the unexpectedness; the shapes, the colours, the metalwork ..and there’s a human splooshing through! So surreal, yet so matter-of-fact.

      “New kids on the block” ..so cheeky! ..And “Djiha”, the man on the rocking horse – also cheeky ..and surreal!

      And so many shots have people with their backs to us in these photos ..they remind me of Dudley Murphy’s 1928 film of Bessie Smith singing “St Louis Blues” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Who6fTHJ34

      And the helicopter above the bridge, the Swarovski duck-lips, and “Sinisa”, the legs and feet..

      I can’t say which is my favourite photo: they’re all just brilliant.

      They’re quirky, but with a hint of dread, or the feeling that something really odd is about to happen.

      The colours are so dense, the photos are “hyper-real” in terms of their colour and density – for me, anyway (that’ll be the 5DMkII) and also in the oddities of the situations – Diane Arbus meets Ralph Gibson meets Salvador Dali.

      What a delight to find such precision, humour, technique and frozen instants with such consistency of vision.

      The big TV screen with the test card ..gorgeous!

      I’d happily pay to see all these four foot wide!

      My favourite? Maybe “Senjak” ..the car with the bridge ..or maybe “Isti”, with the hint of unknown threat ..or maybe “Sinisa” ..I could put that on the wall and remind myself how brilliant others are, and my own photography is pretty puerile.

      Thank you again!

  3. The composition, subtle PP, beautiful palette, and warmth make this my favourite Daily Inspiration so far. Very compelling. Great work.

  4. These images have a great feel to them and your website is very inspiring, great style. Thanks for sharing!

  5. First of all thanks to steve for featuring my work, and thank you lovely people for your kind words.

    I would really appreciate if you tell me what is your favorite photo.

    is there any more question? I didnt want to write much i let the photos talk for them self.

    beste regards,

    /@Benjamin Pélissié

  6. The mood, the light and the settings in the pictures look like something from a movie. Beautiful, well done.

    • Because of the full frame, perhaps? 😉 we are very used to see aps-c pictures (and only good things to say about todays aps-c -sensors!), that suddenly seeing ff ilages the mood in those is often movie-like IMO.

  7. We are constantly told that a large dslr can be intrusive when taking this type of image. Have you found this to be the case?

  8. These are absolutely great pictures. My favorite is number 3 : the colors, the light, the setting, the composition : all perfect !
    (and of course the publicity for “Duvel” (best Belgian Beer) gives it an extra nice tough 🙂

  9. Wow…definitely glad I clicked through to the site. Stunning, both from a technical and content perspective. Something a bit different from the usual.

  10. Nicely done!!!! Checked out your site and I gotta say, you have a very good eye. Not only for capturing great moments, but for composition and lighting. Nice work!

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