Daily Inspiration #363 by Luiz Paulo – B&W with his M9

From Steve: As I browsed my folder that contains thousands of daily inspiration submissions I cam across this one. When I scanned through the photos I thought these were shot with film as to me, they did have a slightly richer appearance than what I usually see with digital. Since I have been shooting the Monochrom for the past two weeks I have been getting used to a certain “B&W look” coming from the camera but when I saw these images from Luiz I thought “the quality of this B&W looks better than what I get with the Monochrom”..so I read the description and found out that these were shot with an M9. I feel these are beautiful images and they tell me that Luiz has some serious talent to capture the “moment”. Yes, the Monochrom will have slightly better resolution, slightly different tonality and much better high ISO but these M9 B&W images are beautiful and goes to show what an M9 can do with B&W. Great job Luiz, your photos and talent have touched my heart 🙂


Hi Steve.

My name is Luiz Paulo and I’m from Brazil. It’s not my first time I’m writing to you. I did it once grateful for the info that your site offers which goes beyond technical reviews. Now I would like to share my short history for your daily inspiration post.

I have a little daughter which is my love. Unfortunately I can’t stay with her as much as I’d like to — she lives 1,000 miles away since her birth. So monthly I take off the dusts of my soul (and of my camera) and I bring my girl to my city. For years I had a heavy camera, meanwhile it could take great pictures, it was that: bulky. Bulky things and children it’s not a nice combination in my opinion. So last year I choose a compact and notable system to capture those most desirable moments I expect every month: an M9 plus 2 lenses (summilux 50mm and elmarit 28mm).

To be honest, another blog inspires me also, leading me to my actual system — and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind if I mention it: prosophos from the gentleman Peter. I thought: if they can capture amazing (and technically difficult) pictures I can try it either — I’m still trying, occasionally I succeed and very happy with the results.

That’s it. Please see attached recent pictures of my love.

Thanks again — and belive me, I wouldn’t buy the camera system I have without your site (and your sponsors) as it’s very difficult to analize and buy camera gear here in Brazil. I have more pictures here: http://gallery.lfi-online.de/gallery/thumbnails.php?album=30023

Sorry my harsh english.

All the best,

Luiz Paulo Furia


  1. Hello everyone.

    I’d like to thank you all you guys for the kind words — it’s a pleasure to share a little bit of my history and my pictures on the amazing Steve’s site.

    To be honest the thoughts of Steve has suprised me in a very positive way as I never expected to simulate the film look, just wanted a fine look. Which may means a pleasant picture will be always connected to the fundamental of photography. Steve words has made me very proud too! — but I think I’m just lucky having a lovely model and sometimes pushing the shutter button at the right moment.

    Regarding the post processing there’s no secrets: I use CaptureOne and SilverEfex. I usually try to not crop and I never retouch seeking to the keep things closest to the original. I truly believe CaptureOne can extract more from raw digital files than others raw converters, especially from ccd sensors as this company has a good background on this area.

    Hope all you guys enjoy a good time with your beloved ones, because these little moments are the more precious you can get.

    All my best,

    Luiz Paulo

  2. Hello Luiz,

    your history is very touching !!! I know your pictures from LFI and our Friend Peter ( Prosophos ) …
    I wanted to let You this little message… It is always a joy to looking at your very Beautifull Pictures …
    All my Best to You and Yours .


  3. Luiz,

    congratulation for your ‘eye’ and your lovely daughter.

    So many photographs I’ve seen from the MM and more and more this camera is a lemon for me as was the M8 after it’s introduction.
    The sensor of the MM gets very easy into clipping when parts of the skin (mainly in faces) get some more light due to a flatter angle to the sky. In order to compensate this by reducing the EV, only say 3% of the total content has a bad influence to the rest of the pic which will be darkened and later pulled up to be opened.

    It helps a bit when people with darker skintones are the objects but when there is reflection with higher values of blue from the sky or maybe sun, immediatly the clipping will be seen.

    To screw a colored filter will not help under these circumstances because to protect the small portion, let’s say 2% one has to live with the 100% influence to the total pic.
    The MM sensor is ‘stupid’ in these regards, It’s much more smarter to have these filters during the process and later in PP………as the M9 or other digicams have.

    BTW: in shots with a wide space as there are landscapes or open scenarios this negative effect is to small to be easy recognized and therefor the MM is not so critical and allows huge prints which will be impressive.

  4. Quite lovely gallery Luiz, I really enjoyed looking at all of them.

    Yet, these photos prove the M9’s capability of producing great B&W so again what the MM offers here for real beside the slight different tonality and maybe resolution.

  5. Absolutely awesome!
    This way nobody will want a Monochrom 🙂

    Meu amigo, que fotos!
    Que qualidade de edição!
    E que menina linda!

    Obs.: Vou tentar imitá-lo, e fazer uns PB com minha M9 😛
    Grande abraço!

    Ass.: Marcelo Hoffmann Stefani

  6. A beautiful child, a stunning set of b&w portraits and a really sweet and touching story. Brings tears to my eyes!

  7. Lovely photographs taken with your M9 – nice tonal quality in your B&W work.
    Your little daughter looks as cute as a button (old English expression) – you must be very proud.

  8. Lovely, touching images Luiz

    As you know I’m familiar with your wonderful photography and what can be achieved with the M9 in B&W.

    Well deserved, these are quite simply “love” in a B&W.

    All the best, Jason.

  9. Lovely images. I think the m9 has a softer, nicer more film look the the MM which kind of goes into HDR with it’s sharpness…but then looking at the web and not using the MM….and now there is the choice of M9, MM and upcoming M-E, M. Choose what suits you…..but from what I have seen the M9 is superior in look (soul) even though the MM has better ISO. Anyone else agree…?

    • The MM has one-two stops better ISO performacne. It goes from 320 though and for me mostly doing good-light photography I’d rather have the lower ISO. It’s fun to be able to shoot at night with low lights but I don’t do that much. If you use the MM during the daytime and want to shoot wide open you will be using ND filters that may have their own issues. You may need it for bright light and the M9 as well but not as much. I never much shoot above 800 myself. Interesting comment about the HDR effect I find that with my D800E the pictures almost have too much dynamic range at times.

      Honestly though it’s nice that different cameras have different characteristics it would be boring if they all used the same sensor.

    • Hi Peter.

      It’s so nice to read your words. You can be sure I’m very honoured to be posted on your site. I think you can guess why I was so connected to your beautiful expression “little moments”.

      All the best my friend!

      • Hi Luiz, blessed x 2. Beautiful daughter and lovely images. Both these and the ones I just checked in Propos too. Can I ask you a question? I am just arrived in Sao Paolo. Where can I get Leica M lenses here? A trusted supplier I mean.
        Keep on delighting us with more of these!

        • Hi Nico.

          Thank you.

          About Leica sellers in Brazil, the official dealer is this one: http://www.marinho.com.br

          But the prices are insane and seems there’s nothing in stock meanwhile that dealer has a shop at the more expansive mall in São Paulo — how understand it? I never get Leica gear in Brazil otherwise in US with the Steve’s sponsors.

          If Steve allow I can leave my email contact as I’ll probably sell my 28 elmarit in mint condiction (recently I’ve upgraded it to a summicron).

          Hope that helps you.


  10. I do not doubt the MM’s capability for a second. But a beautiful Black and white comes from the photographer not the camera.

  11. I love full, rich tones and subtle gradations in b&w photos. Edward Weston and Ansel Adams each spent a lifetime trying to capture them.

    Nice Luiz!

  12. Great pictures! Would you share with us your BW post processing workflow? Like Steve, I really like the BW look you are getting from the M9.


  13. Beautiful daughter, may she be blessed.

    As far as the pictures, I hate them!

    Haha, not really, they are very beautiful and she looks to be a lot of fun 🙂
    This first one alone sold me, very very magical. I find it interesting since I have always been told that taking pictures of kids is more difficult with a rangefinder, which I found odd (I have never used a rangefinder, that is why I was always confused). This, to me, proves it wrong. All you need is dedication and a lot of love.

    Awesome gallery too!

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