Daily Inspiration #364 by Patrick Touma

Daily Inspiration #364 by Patrick Touma

Hey Steve,

I discovered your blog last year, when I was planning on buying a Sony NEX-5n and stumbled on upon your review on it. I was not keen on DSLRs because of their weight and their size, so mirrorless cameras were my deal. So, I bought the NEX and shot about 8000 frames with it until now – and I absolutely love it. Now I visit your blog almost on a daily basis and I’m always fascinated by the great images your readers post to you.

About myself: I’m a 17-year-old German pupil who got into photography with an old OM-1 my grandfather gave me. The 5n was actually my first own camera, I played quite a bit with a Olympus compact film camera, but I neither ever had a digital compact, nor the money to get a DSLR or mirrorless camera.

But in January I finally got my 5n, the 18-55 kit zoom and an old Minolta MD 50 1.4 (thanks again to my grandfather!). 3 months later I bought the fantastic (at least in my opinion, never had a Leica lens ) Sony 50mm 1.8 OSS for the NEX, which all of the shown photos were shot with.

Long story short: I was in London, UK last week and got some nice shots I wanted to show to you. I really want to thank you for your great blog and the motivation you gave me to go out there and shoot photos. Mad props to you!

Thanks for reading, greetings from Germany!

Patrick Touma


  1. When I saw the first photo, I thought it was scanned from a picture of Swinging London in the 1960s. That’s a great vintage look. Film can produce beautiful images, but it’s expensive and inconvenient, so I’m happy to see its look being emulated so well.

  2. The colors really make the difference in these shots! Wow, very attracting. Second is my favourite. Never got such colors..

    Viele Gruesse aus dem Nordschwarzwald.


  3. First time I’m commenting on a daily inspiration. Patrick your compositions are very well done. And as others have mentioned, the subtle and organic feel of your post processing really add a timelessness to your photos. Many thanks for sharing.

  4. Possibly one of the best posts so far..
    Apparently, beats a lot of posts that were used by much more expensive cameras and lens frequently show here. This proved that one doesn’t need absurdly expensive cameras and lens to make great pictures if he or she is good enough or born to be a true great photographer naturally..
    Generally, we usually just see, “wannabes” that are heavily depended on expensive tools most of the time.

    • I fully agree. I really loved these photos, especially the first one is a masterpiece. I think the aperture is so well chosen, not too blurry but just enough blurry background. Nice compositions too. Excellent work young man! 🙂 Photographing IS about pictures, not the gear… ;).

  5. Patrick

    soulful photos

    i love the second photo the most
    the look
    the cigarette

    keep up the vision


  6. felicitation very natural and well balanced, color processing gives vintage rings did you use

  7. Really enjoyed this series, especially the one of the girl, perfect composition and well caught!

  8. I really enjoy these photos, I think only the 1st one could be improved by being closer. Great shots, nice captures of the people around London. Nice processing as well….very nice!

    • It might not have been the photographers intention to do strictly portraits as you suggest. He may have wanted to leave the surrounding landscape for the viewer to experience the setting.

      • In any case, I think the distance and composition are rather quite perfect. Street photography doesn’t have to be uncomfortably-close-distance-snapping-with-a-wide-angle-lens any more than it should always be “sniping” with a long telephoto. The distance in these photos is at once intimate, yet respectful, and has the side-effect of showing Context, which you might lose if you’re too close.

  9. Great photos! It seems like you are getting good results with the 5n. Do you shoot a lot from the hip with the flip screen or did you buy the VF?

      • I love the PP as well and would love to hear how you are doing you work. I’m shooting with the NEX-5 and the Sony 50mm 1.8 would love some help on how you are getting post processing look.

        • I shoot RAW, import them to Lightroom and process the photos with ‘VSCO film’ (http://visualsupply.co/film/ (Unfortunately there is no demo, but trust me, it’s great), in this case – you guessed it – i used a Kodak Portra preset.

          Watch some YouTube videos on it, it’s completely different from any Photoshop plug-ins (Alien Skin Exposure for example) out there.

          There are currently 2 packs out, if you want just one, I’d go for the second, for me look is better.

  10. Hey Patrick, lovely shots.
    I’ve just bought a Sony Nex (the F3 in my case) couple of months ago. I’ve never been much into photography before but now I’m absolutely loving it and I hope my photos will improve with time and practice. I use the kit lenses and an old Nikkor 50mm 1.4 I bought second hand and absolutely love. I’ve been thinking of getting the Sony 50 1.8 and after seeing your shots I may just go for it. Keep shooting and enjoying.
    Steve, thanks for such a great site. I’m learning a lot reading your posts and other people commentaries.

    Kind regards,


  11. This set of three photos are impressive although I’m leaning in favor of the RX1. If I understand your account in paragraph 3, these were taken with the NEX 5N Sony 50/1,8 and again, they are great!

    • Apples and oranges! I would also “lean in favour of” a Ferrari over a BMW… but that’s hardly the point my friend.

  12. Hey Patrick,

    Very nice pics! I especially like the consistence in the color and contrast on all of them, nice style.

    Keep it up!

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