A Yearly Inspiration – 21 + 1 from 2012 by Prosophos

Dear Steve,

It’s been a busy year for me, photographically speaking. I’ve been active on both the digital and film fronts, using my beloved Leica rangefinder cameras for 100% of my photography.

And through 2012, I was very fortunate to have you generously post many of my images as Daily Inspirations on your site: Workers, Photographing your family with the best photo equipment you can afford (strangely, that one proved to be controversial), The Leica M3… for kids’ sports?, and B&W film.

This week, I looked back and tried to pick out images from my work that continue to resonate with me, long after clicking the shutter (the last time I did this, you graciously posted my 11 from 2011).

After doing this, I ended up with the following 21 images. They are not necessarily my technical best, and they are not necessarily my most popular, but they are all near and dear to my heart because they mostly involve my family.

And they are all an example of what I like to call, Life’s Little Moments.

I hope you enjoy them.





  1. Here it is,
    if you want to take sensitive photos as many of these
    first you must be a sensitive person.
    If you are not sensitive you could try till the cows come home;
    second you should find things to photograph which are imbibed with sensitivity.

  2. Just lovely photos – hard to choose which I liked most but the Great Dane hindering the traffic is so sweet!

  3. I really can’t thank you all enough for the wonderful comments, so I’ve decided to thank each of you:

    Thank you Jun, Geoff, Bernd (1 and 2), james, Henry, BT, Fletch, Vincent, Amy (we go way back, don’t we?), jj, Edward, Andy, Eddie, Luis, Opius, dgd, Stefan, Luiz, Perfectible (Hugues, you are always a gentleman), Bruce, Andy, Peter, jonny, Ashwin (always nice to hear from you my “old” friend), Benjamin, Jason (your website is coming along nicely), Gary, Daniel, WL, Rich E, Don, Judd, Budi, Ross, rolleiflexed, Freddytto, David, Tyson, Andrew, Jeffrey, Rizal, Theodore, Jeroen, Summo lux, Dong Muan, Robert E, steff, and Craig (you’re right, and I have been putting the camera down more lately).



  4. So many wonderful moments and I love many of them. But the huge dog staring down the little girl is priceless 😉
    Thanks for sharing. And from one photographer to another, don’t forget to put the camera down and live some too!

  5. Peter,

    I’m coming back to photography for the enjoyment of documenting my kids growing up. I found your name through this site and I love your style immensely. It’s deeply personal & deeply truer then reality. To me you capture moments as they are experienced rather then (clinically) seen. This without so much post processing that it feels cartoonish.

    Would love to know what post processing tools you use. I’ve just recently started using Aperture and I’m looking at Nik’s software suite as a next step. To me this seem like a better approach for film like post processing then PhotoShop. I’m new to all digital processing (great tools!) and are looking for a fast flow with a little more power then Aperture alone (a flow I like).

    • Hello Robert,

      I like what you’ve written: “capture moments as they are experienced rather [than] seen”. Perfect.

      In answer to your question, I do offer 1-on-1 teaching, but it’s currently limited to local interactions (in Toronto).

      Let me know if you’re ever in town.



  6. Dear Peter,

    As a daily follower of your inspiring blog, these images are of course familiar to me. You picked a wonderful selection of your craftsmanship. You truly know how to handle the tool and in combination with your eyes, the Leica shines beautifully. In my opnion you are a very talented and creative photographer!

    Cheer, Jeroen

  7. Really wonderful sets of photos. You are one of the reason why i started to photograph my kids.. All of your shots displays emotion. A shot from a heart.. Love it all.

  8. I’d like to thank Steve for his ongoing support of my work, and for the generosity of those who commented here. I’ve been away for the better part of the day, so I’m just now catching up on the comments. Thank you once again.


    • Peter

      I can certainly appreciate your photographic content……your family.

      People take images of different places, people, objects, etc but too me catching moments of how my own daughters are growing up gives me the most joy.

      I recently came across yours and Steve’s websites and have to say, since taking very few photos since 2010 I am inspired by you and all the other photographers who contribute here. Thank you.

      Below is how I have seen them grow up. Unlike your series “Lifes Little Moments” (and skill and vision) the vast majority of my photos have been to capture a moment in the expression on my daughters faces. This was in large part due to using what was (now sold!) my favourite lens…Canon 135mm 2L.


      I recently sold my DSLR “kit” and now on the verge of beginning my continuing journey of capturing their lives but with a Leica M9 or M and adding a different perspective of a wider focal length……..and I can’t wait.

  9. Wonderful pictures !! love them all.
    These are the pictures that I think why people like me wants to have our special moment share with our love ones..

    GOOD JOB !

  10. Stunning, Peter… Really stunning….. they are alive… they are forever… everlasting frozen moments…

    this really show the how could we achieve with “slow” (and carefully well thought) photographing vs fast photographing….

  11. hey Peter, wow amazing photos Peter, I love your work, I followed some posts on your site, but do not own a Leica, charge with my nex5n and I upgraded to nex7, has inspired me very much to see your wall posts, the tap B / W are fascinating. Thanks man for sharing all these beautiful photos.

  12. very nice professional looking photo’s, to be honest these could easily be used for advertising. The execution and quality is amazing. Leaves every other photo from every other photographer here on stevehuffphoto.com ever in the shade. the best and technically brilliant here so far.

  13. These are certainly inspiring Peter.
    I have been admiring your work for some time. You have a wonderful family and they will cherish your images in the future I am sure.
    My favourites are 13 and 21. Cheers Ross

  14. A marvellous, inspirational set of photos, Peter.You are truly the Master of all of the genres on display—and several more, I’m sure.The high standard of each frame is what we all strive for—each one does indeed tell a story—which we can all relate to in an emotional way.Congratulations.

  15. I love number 13 it is magical. A perfect in every way photograph that would make such a fantastic wall print. Perfect timing.

    Sublime skills Sir.

    Inspiring is an Understatement.

  16. Wonderful photos!!!! Love your style and exactly the kind of photos I strive for. Thanks for posting.

  17. Peter,
    Thank you for your contributions throughout the year, they have been fun to read and great to look at. You images do touch me as a fellow dad and seeing where my photography has gone and what I care about in my images is becoming a lot less technical and a lot more soulful(not sure that is the correct word, but it is what I feel). Similar to how I felt and what I cared about when I first started to carry a camera 20 years ago. I just wanted the moment, that was what was important. Lately I have realized that I had lost that. Thank you so much for sharing these with us.

    Kind Regards,


  18. Peter,

    I can only reiterate what has already been said, wonderful, beautiful and touching images.

    Your work is truly an inspiration.



  19. Peter, these are stunning. You are a lucky man, and your family is so lucky as to have you here to document life as such. The dog and child image above is truly amazing, as are so many of the others, which I have seen. I have found that DPReview’s new format is nearly unworkable for me, so I have been enjoying your site. Keep up the great work, my friend, and I hope to meet you in person one day! You are truly an inspiration to us all with your vision and creativitiy.


  20. Very nice Peter you are inspirational! I’ve been using a film camera some of the time because of your posts!

  21. Inspiring pictures each showing your love to the people and the photography. Very blessed. Move on and enjoy us with your next year look back. Thanks.

  22. Beautiful photos Peter. This must bring you and those close to you a lot of great thoughts, feelings and memories.

    As to a technical aspect your ability to focus so sharply in some of the shots with movement is of particular interest. I appreciate years of practice and “knowing” your gear will be a big part but is there anything in particular you can share around technique/tips, etc that would help someone new to the Rangefinder format.

    Anything which broadens my ability to use a camera like a rangefinder for capturing more moments is of interest.

    Many thanks

  23. When you shoot from the heart…..it always shows…..

    Wonderful pictures Peter.

    Bruce from BC

  24. Dearest Peter,

    I really wanted to leave you this comment! Photography for me is an art … as the art of knowing speak or write … It’s like sensitivity and savoir vivre … a great respect for one decides to photograph … And more, this respect that there are other … Choosing their present who we are, through our photos …
    Show me your pictures … I’ll tell you who you are … I find this extraordinary exchange and relationships that we can or not, create emotions felt by observing the images of each other … As for music or movies, there is something for everyone … But one thing is for sure! We can only love your pictures … It worth all the finest speeches in the world … I’m really happy to have found you … and I hope to have the pleasure and honor to meet you one of these days ….
    Here! I wish I write it in French … For Google translation (It’s really not that) …
    To Finish, this compilation of images presented here is really a high quality artistic, emotional …
    My friend thank you Peter!

    With all my respect.


  25. Peter,

    Your work and your family are so wonderful. Looking forward to seeing more 21 up the end of the year!

    Congratulations my friend!

    Luiz Paulo

  26. Amazing shots Peter! I really like your style and look forward to see what else you have up your sleeve!

  27. The wonderful thing about the photos is they are your family your love is so crystal.
    I sense you are sensitive, shy. That’s why you don’t usually photo strangers.
    People who photo strangers (street photographers) tend to be more extrovert, able to talk to strangers, not as sensitive.

    • Ps i think it is courageous of you to share a few of your family photos. I know you must have many which are much more personal and those should be kept personal.

      • Just to add please stay photographing just your family Peter.
        Photographing strangers will loose the emotional.

        Best wishes to everyone you love Peter,

    • Peter do you remember we had an email conversation on dpreview.
      We both agreed your admirers, friends do not critique your photos & too much smoke up ones bottom can become detrimental.
      And we both smiled when your attempts at shooting strangers (street photo) were pretty hopeless yet on the forum they were being praised to the sky.

      For the sake of balance there are some lovely photos on this thread,
      whilst there are many which lots of soccer moms have taken and i have seen many such from snapshot friends family have taken.

      For some reason once people get into photography they read too much into photos
      when there is nothing to read.
      The non photographer’s response in such instances is more accurate.

      Please stay humble Peter and take all this “adulation” with a large pinch of salt.

  28. Very nice pictures, I find them all beautiful, especially the little dog in the snow and the girl with the leafs in the forest.

  29. Number one, girl on the window and girl with great dane: classics. Thanks. I appreciate film, regardless whether these ones are. Your pictures look natural and the composition is just great. I don’t like pp, even light one, the moment I “see it” the photograph turns me off. Yours have great texture and mastery and subtlety. An eye, a lens, an image, a moment.

  30. Amazing photos Peter. Always.

    One thing that strikes me about your work is how deeply personal it is, and in that way it is courageous. I have always admired the way you capture moments around you, especially of your family.

    Your works resonates with me the way Sally Mann’s work does – and I hope you take that as a compliment. I’d buy a book of your photos in a New-York minute.

  31. Wow!! Stunning – especially 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23 & 24 😉

  32. These photos are something to really cherish and hand down to future generations in your family

  33. Fab work……for me this is what photography is about…..images with a personal emotional connection…best Geoff

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