Daily Inspiration #366 by Dro Grigorian

Daily Inspiration #366 by Dro Grigorian

After 30 years of living in LA, an old friend decides to leave the city and move to a little suburban town up north. A combination of living from paycheck to paycheck not being able to meet the right guy, she decides to throw one last art show and then hit the road. A little abandoned art gallery in south-east Los Angeles is where the party is going to be. I didn’t expect much potential to take photos, but never the less, I have my Leica M8 with me. I was quite surprised when I walked in however. Even though the place was not visually appealing, spotlights all over the ceiling created incredible contrasted lighting. I started to shoot. Most people there having never seen a Leica, were interested in that antique looking thing that was in my hand, with a tiny lens and looked like it was from 1960’s photo shoot. Anyway, the night was fairly quite and mellow. Most people were sad that a good friend was going to be gone for good. I managed to snap a few happy moments in night. I hope you can find the lighting interesting enough to allow this little story to reach the daily inspiration.


Dro Grigorian



  1. Nice lighting and shadows they certainly are very much film like. Where can I see more of your work?

  2. I like your photos. They do indeed have a certain nostalgic feel to them which makes me like them more. Kudos to you for taking your “old-fashioned” camera, lol.


  3. Great look to these photos. I would have thought they were taken with film like Portia 800 or Fuji 800z. They have that high ISO look without the grain. Really nice!

  4. It’s a great feeling when you connect within an event or gathering like that…..and you photograph the experience.

    Nice documentary style to the story and your images Dro.

    What have you done in PP for shots 3 & 4? (assume it’s similar, same as the first two) These two have really appealed to me in particular.

    LOVE the LIGHT in both of those.

    • Thanks Andy. All the photos have the same treatment. Slight boost in contrast and black levels during raw conversion. Then slight boost in saturation and a blue fill layer with very low opacity. I’ve gone through many stages of PP. For a long time, I used to use nothing but RAW edits (just contrast and brightness). Then back and forth between different film replications. Now a days, I feel that its necessary to have some treatment. It helps capture the mood and tell the story with more emotion.

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