Those who live in the UK, Germany, Canada can also now support this site via Amazon!

Those who live in the UK can now support this site via Amazon!

Just updated my “Shop & Support” page so I will keep this one quick and to the point. I must have had over 100 e-mails in the past year from UK residents who wanted to help support or donate to this site to help out (I never ask for donations) and I have been asked so many times if I would put up a link to Amazon UK that would help support this site. Well, today I did just that! If you are in the UK and shop at Amazon you can now use the link can even bookmark it and anytime you buy from Amazon, no matter what you buy it will help to support this site!

Thanks to all for all of your support!

UPDATE – Just added Germany & Canada as well!

USA Amazon Link:

GERMANY Amazon Link:

CANADA Amazon Link:


  1. Good job – great site at the top of my Blogs favourites and really happy to support from the UK. Thanks for replying to my question the other week about the Gariz OM-D case – least we can do is help you out!

  2. Et Voilà Steve, did my first buy on Amazon Germany of a couple of memory cards, by following the link.

    Sure that’s all I’ve got to do? No special code or coupon code? Just follow the link and buy?


  3. Now it becomes possible to support you! I live in Denmark but buy from Amazon in UK and Germany – when I use Amazon. It’s just such a pleasure to follow your site, that it’s now on my bookmarks bar and gets a daily drop-in. Your own stuff is really helpful, and your hospitality to others a bonus. Photos and texts are always worth a look. Thanks again. John N.

    • Same for me here in Belgium: often do some shopping on Amazon UK or Germany;

      I’m glad that finally I can make some modest contributions to this absolutely great blog!

      The only downside: if one day Steve decides (for one reason or another) to stop his activities, a lot of us will have to go Rehab :-))

      Best regards,


  4. Steve, I appreciate your work and the way you communicate with your readers. I have been actually waiting for some time for an opportunity to back your webpage and work with more than just words of appreciation. So, where did I put my Christmas shopping list? 🙂

  5. You can count me in, Steve. I use Amazon UK for quite a lot for my online shopping, so have bookmarked your link.
    Delighted that I can now support your website in some small way.

  6. Have bookmarked that so that everthing I buy from Amazon now helps towards your brilliant site.
    Many thanks for this site Steve, essential reading for me (and I’m sure for many others)

  7. Brilliant, really good for us in the UK who can now do our bit to help keep you and your amazing site going. Thanks for the outstanding material you post.

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