Daily Inspiration #370 by Yann Kwan

Hi Steve,

This is my contribution to your daily Inspiration.

In this little project I wanted to portray the London 2012 Olympic spirit through photographs of the citizens who gathered here from all over the world to support their champions.

All the photos were made with and M9 and a 21 mm.

Yann KS



  1. Wow these are great! I am amazed that 21mm even at shallow 1.4 is able to have some dof effects and 3d pop like these. Very, very nice.

  2. Thank you for the inspiration. Some really decent shots. I like the 21mm lens, although it’s not a portrait lens, but here it helps to include parts of the scenery into the shots. Still very thin DOF. Was it the F1.4 lens? Nice photos!

    Cheers, Martin

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