Daily Inspiration #373 by John Lou Miles

Hey Steve,

I have been shooting with the X Pro 1 for about 3 months and for the most part have been thoroughly satisfied. Originally I had planned on using it for motion and controlled settings that benefitted from AF, but the day before I received it in the post my M8 floundered and the XP1 has been pressed into service full time. I started with M mount lenses but once I acquired a couple XF lenses the camera really started to hum for me. I still shoot M Mount lenses which have become much easier to use after 2.0. Previous to the update you could not use magnification feature while images were processing which became very frustrating if you wanted to shoot and re-focus quickly. Fortunately that has been fixed and shooting with Leica glass has become more enjoyable. You can really feel Fuji’s analogue past whilst photographing with this camera and it only gets better the more time you spend with it. I still miss the filmic nature and rangefinder focusing of the M8 and I hope it can be fixed, but if I had to shoot with any other camera the X Pro 1 would definitely be it.

More photos at www.johnloumiles.com


  1. Hey John, I really really like your images, im considering getting the X- Pro 1 as my main body now. Seeing this level of IQ has detered me from getting the Nikon D600. What lens did you use on the #1? It had lovely colors.

    • Hey Chad

      Great hearing that from you, thank you! Haha! No but she has had people telling her she looks like Lana Del Rey since she hit it big.

  2. Thanks for all the kind words, they are really appreciated! It’s always nice to get positive (or any for the at matter) feedback from your peers on a site like Steve’s.

  3. John, these are fantastic images. I really like your work, you have such a unique vision. All your images have a real spontaneity to them. One of my favorites is the image of the guy that has Jesus on the cross tattooed on his face, the angle is great.

    • Thanks Jim. Thats actually me with a in camera double exposure. The overlay shot was a jesus mural on the tailgate of a pickup.

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