Daily Inspiration #406 by Freddyto Robles

Hi Steve, well I have followed since you got the review of the nex5n and I think, if I’m not wrong, was in September 2011, had finally chosen the Sony NEX 5n, for compact size, high quality of video, but to be honest I’ve only recorded about 5 times, but that does not matter, what I mean I’ve been shooting in Raw, since this little camera delivers performance in low light conditions and even the use of legacy lenses.

After a year of using NEX 5n, upgrade to the NEX 5R , and acquired the NEX 7, and some more manual lenses. And let me tell you guys something, I am very happy with my little babies, Manual focus is as easy to use with the clear viewfinder and the yellow peaking is phenomenal, to get focus faster, something that bothered me in the NEX 5n was a little hard to shoot on very sunny days, that why got the NEX 7.

I love to shoot down the street, with my old Industar-69 28mm f/2.8, which makes it a good combo with the nex7 as well as some 50 mm. I am a fan of the Minolta Rokkor despite its cheap price gives you a very good contrast, color in your pictures. I love New York City because it is one of the busiest cities in the world, people coming, people going, a lot of movement of people, you could sit in Central Park or just stand for a few minutes in Times Square and you will notice many interesting things, here when I do my street photography.

One afternoon I walked around, between 42 st, while my wife was shopping I decided to give a little walk around to see what was happening at that time and had the NEX 7 Rokkor minolta 50mm f1.4 and saw a crowd of people laughing and listening the sound of a guitar and an accordion, so I made this pics.

So I followed the inspirations that have been published and are great, we discover new tips to carry out, what we like as lovers of photography, all the PP was in Lr 4.2 and Silver Efex Pro and now I’ve been trying to CS6. My web site is www.freddyttoroblesfotografia.com, in Flickr


Greetings Freddyto

the turist

the catgirl

the comboy1

The cowboy

Meaking music



  1. I’ve discovered Freddyto’s website a year and a half ago when I was doing some internet researches about the nex-5n after purchasing one. The guy is talented. I sometimes visit his website to see how his work evolves. Especially since we use almost the same gear.

    I’m also using an old fixed lens (Canon FD 50mm) with the focus peaking function. That’s a great combo! Manual focusing is fast, camera body is small, tilt-screen is convenient for hip-shooting. I sometimes have some limits with the 50mm so now I’m browsing the 2nd hand in search of a 35mm to test the difference.

    • thanks mate, it’s true I began to use the NEX5N and having gotten into the world of mirrorless, was the ideal choice, now I’ve been using some legacy lenses and using the yellow peaking is so easy to quickly focus, Well I used for a while the Industar-69 28mm f/2.8, now I’ve been playing around with the Sigma 30mm, although the Sel 35mm would be perfect.

      My favorite focal lengths are 50mm, 28mm and 30mm for now.

  2. I had tried the Konica Minolta AR 50mm F/1.4 lens. The color is hard to get it right in the Lightroom (too yellow green). So I give up. The B&W shots you had here look very good.

    • I agree, usually this happens to me when I shoot with the Russian lens, Industar-50, creates a shade of violet, sometimes a little green, I’d rather do B / W. I use LR for all the PP and Silver Efex Pro2, so that works for me very well.

  3. Great work, Freddyto! I also shoot the NEX-7 with MD-Rokkor 50/1.4. Excellent combo, especially considering the lens and adapter can be had for less than 100$!

  4. Great shots Freddyto – and very nice B&W conversion!

    The NEX is my favourite walk-around camera as well (I’ve had the 5, the 7, and now have the 6… and am waiting for the 7n to be announced).

    • I’m pretty sure, will come the nex7n with new updated, I began to use the NEX since the first review made from Steve, and it was a right choice, the compact size, the quality is really great, I had the nex5n, then update to nexF3,but I’m wasn’t so pleased with it, so change to 5R,so now I keep the NEX7 and 5R.

    • I’ve been shooting with the NEX7 lately, and has been a pleasure, I’ve been using the Rokkor 50mm f/1.4 and used MF has been incredible, high sharpness and contrast , now I’ve been using the Old Industar-50 50mm f/3.5.

    • As odd as it may sound: I like the bokeh, probably for the same reason that you don’t. It’s unusual, which gives it character, IMO.

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