Daily Inspiration #440 by Kais De Bali

Hi Steve.

Another year of photos, more gear, more films used and more passion shared on your website. I’ve made myself a gift for my 37th birthday : a Monochrom. Life’s too short anyways, and that’s a grown up toy we can afford. When I first read the news on your site, I thought : a black & white sensor, come on Leica, you must be kidding me, right ? Then, I saw the samples, I understood why they’ve created it and how clever the move was. The sensor is really amazing and the low light capabilities are mind-blowing. Even at 3200 iso, the look is too “clean”.

Here are some photos made with my beloved C Biogon 35/2.8 (some LR4 tweaking but no Silver Efx, I don’t like the rendering).

Have a nice day and keep the good work.







  1. Hi everyone.
    Thank you guys for the nice comments.
    I was surprised to see my photos posted here because I sent them to Steve a couple of months ago 🙂

    Too bad I was working that day : I was displaying the score/clock/bios on air for a french TV channel with my right hand and holding my Mono with the left hand, so the framing isn’t that good but it’s all about the user experience and I managed to get some very sharp shots with my Elmarit 90/2.8 even with a very dim light.

    I had #4 printed on a baryta paper (20×15″).
    The photo lab guy and I were amazed with the grain, the rendering, and the skin detail…

    I haven’t use my Mono and my M9-P for a while … Maybe it’s time to plan a trip…

    • I feel that the boxing shots, per se, aren’t what is being shown up, it’s just the difficult lighting conditions, the dark background and the harsh Tungsten spot. Colour photos unless they are balanced could look very strange, that’s even without the high ISO. I feel it shows the camera off very well.

  2. Now those are superb boxing shots, it’s a camera that is always going to be at hand. The 35mm focal length is my favourite too. I find I ‘see’ differently using the mono, it returns me to the time when I created images, and looked for that different composition.I can see why you love it.

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