Daily Inspiration #442 by Shane Hicks

Hi Steve, I’m lucky to travel a little with work, I recently moved from a Sony A900 to an RX1 (love it) and happened to be in Montreal for a few hours between flights, thought it could make an interesting article as it’s quite a diverse set showing what the RX1 can do, few samples below and lots more on my flick page including others with a Sigma DP2M & Nex 5 & 7




Montreal 8

Montreal 6

Montreal 5

Montreal 2

Montreal 1


  1. First time I have ever, ever been prompted to leave a comment on a site such as this. Whilst I can admire the technique in a lot of photos on daily inspiration, these go far far beyond that to my eye. I think they are utterly beautiful.

  2. I also like picture four very much, but the are all very good.

    Very good work!

    Is the woman using a flash? It looks like the light comes from the desk!

    Would like to give us a comment on your post-processing? Are you using different layers to “paint” some objects in your pictures?

  3. Number 2 is my favourite for sheer atmosphere. (Perhaps a minimal relieving of the shadows and a minimal increase in definition? – really very little in both cases.) And numer 3 is a fascinating almost abstract composition with lines and also tones.

  4. Wow! I recognize those places, I work there. Each time I see excellent pictures like these I am tempted more and more by that camera.

    Whatever the camera, you got the eye for excellent pictures!

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