Daily Inspiration #453 by Pavlos Marinis

Hello Steve

My name is Pasha Koroviev and im from Athens, Greece.

Recently I was wondering what creative could be done in a living room with me as a model a photographer stylist and everything else.

All the images were shot with Olympus e-520 and 11-22mm/2,8-3,5 lens and in some cases fl36r strobes were used.

These were all shot in 2 months time, for each I would spend 2-3 hours to shoot and then a bit more to process.

Hope you like them.


P.S. I read about the limitation of 3 images only but I couldn’t decide which ones to send, and I checked on your site and sometimes there are more than 3 images.So if you need only 3 please post which ever you like.







  1. WoW !!
    Very personal and unique signature style here, I see a “dealing with my own demons” motif. Very versatile portfolio on your website. Very nice to see your work, will be checking your work often.

    • Hello my friend
      Pasha is a turkish title, and you are a Greek 🙂
      I seldom say WOW , and this is one of the few cases. A big fat WOW my friend.
      I loved your work and especially your first pic. not that i did not like the others, but the first one is so unique in it’s freaky status.
      The man seems to ignore all three jumpers completely. FANTASTIC
      Nice job

      • Hi thank you all the comments!
        Im glad so many people liked them, although i do realize they are not for everyone.
        Maybe ill continue with the series in the future, i have some ideas i would like to work at, or maybe ill just start a new project. This was one of the first attempts to create a series of pictures and work on them for a long period of time, and it seems that it paid off!

  2. Slightly bizarre, but funny and quite refreshingly different. Judging by the reactions, you could probably go off in several different directions with this idea – perhaps funnier/wierder or even darker and more disturbing. Thanks Pavlos, I will check out your blog!

  3. So refreshing to see these images here… the second from the top is my favorite -very powerful. Pavlo you must continue with this series. I can see your unique vision and “voice” beginning to take form.

    Thank you for sharing this !


  4. Nice work Pavlos, I enjoyed looking at them and examining my reaction – the kind of thing one expects to do at a gallery or a museum. It is out of the ordinary, purposeful and interpretive. I also enjoyed your work on your online portfolio at Koroviev.com. By the way, your macro work is stunning!

  5. Jorge Borges in ‘The Circular Ruins’ (short story about a man dreaming) has an epigraph taken from ‘Through the Looking-Glass’ by Lewis Carroll: “And if he left off dreaming about you … “, where Tweedledee points out the sleeping Red King to Alice, and claims she is simply a character in his dream. Photograph #1 is brilliant – it sets the scene for the series. The man is reading intently … in his brain the image emerges from the pages …

    The theme continues … and I am left wondering – are these Freud’s id, ego and super-ego? Psychic, spiritual, supernatural?

    #3 is spine chilling – “Ist dies etwa der Tod” (Strauss – Vier letzte Lieder). What a kaleidoscope of emotions your images conjure up.

    My head is spinning. I wish I could do stuff like this. This is real Art. Thank you so much for sharing.

  6. Pasha, these are great photos. At first I skipped over them, but I kept going back & finding more in them each time. There’s a humour about them I really like. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I never comment but I can’t resist! This is pure daily inspiration! Thanks for shaking things up a bit here…how refreshing! Photography as fine art!

  8. well, they are certainly a little strange, and Iwouldn’t want one hanging on my wall, but they are interesting. Regardless of whether you like the result you have to admire the creativity and effort that has gone into them.

    And Pavlos must be doing something right because everyone is commenting on the pictures not the gear he took them with or the quality of the 4th pixel from the left…..which is as it should be.

    • @damoo,

      Bingo! So far the thread is ALL about the images. How refreshing. They are an interesting exploration, but it seems like a work in progress, sketches before final painting kinds of things as he works out the technique and learns to control it. Bravo.

  9. Wonderful! I like the personal and creative approach very much. We seldom see so much visual personality and courageous concepts here 🙂

    However I somehow don´t like the (sharp) foreground face crops in no 3 and 5. They touch me as slightly too stereotype and explicit. IMHO they weaken the otherwise beautiful enigmatic impression of Your compositions.

    Great shots!

    • HI thanks for your comment.
      Actually those 2 were one of the first in the series. the last one was the second from the top and is my favourite probably.

    • However, a different vision that generates a reaction, as these images have, IS art. Like it, loathe it, it doesn’t matter.

    • hi thanks for your comment.
      I was aiming more for a unique look. I wanted to make something that you would see and say that you havent seen from someone else. Not necesary to be likable.

  10. Hi, thanks for taking a look:)
    As i said they started out of bordom and ended up beeing a series of 10-12 images whuch i made during summer.All were done with a camera on a tripod and me jumping in the air. Afterwards i would blenall the atemps in 1 image. Most were inspired from movies, the one with the camera is inspired by Rec and with figures liyin on the floor is from images from tarkovski.the grainy look is to cover up mu bad photoshop skills and to give a feel of documentary photo:)
    Thats it:)

    • one person’s (m5 in this case) “unattractive” is another person’s “interesting”, and anothers “fantastic”. But the images demand a reaction, and I am not sure technical perfection would have improved them any, for me the grainyness and overall style are part of the appeal.

      definitely a worthwhile post, thank you.

  11. The content is unattractive and the fuzzy, grainy appearance of the photos looks more like a technical shortcoming rather than the application of a particular technique.

    • The ability of the camera is ALWAYS secondary to the ability of the photographer. I think these images are out of the ordinary and, therefore, interesting. I’d much rather look at a fuzzy, grainy image that is interesting than a technically perfect image that is commonplace and dull. These are anything but dull. Great stuff, Pavlos.

    • didn’t you for get something like “IMO” or “unattractive for me”?
      To me the images are fun and much more interesting than many other “standard” kind of images which are posted in some of the daily inspirations.

  12. I think they’re brilliant. I love the grainy, fuzzy filmlike look, and the weird thinking that’s behind these images.

    I would have changed the composition of #1 slightly though, as the righthand figure seems to be jumping out of the magazine (just as in some images presented here and elsewhere people seem to have trees or lamp poles growing out of their heads).

    But possibly the idea was to have the figure jumping out f the magazine.

    Pavlos, could you explain a bit about this and about the processing you did?

    • hi, thanks for your comment!
      THe post processing is some preset from silverefex pro whch was simulating 1600iso film, im not sure which one exactly.

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