Daily Inspiration #455 by Pascal

Hi Steve,

First of all, sincere congratulations for your blog, all the reviews, inspiring images and the work ! Great work that you’re doing !

I came across your note about daily inspiration and I thought why not contribute to it !

Some years ago, I did quite a lot of polaroid transfers, lifting the emulsion of old medium format polaroids. Production was finished and I could not use my Vivitar slide copier anymore L

Now, as polaroids are available again, I thought I’ll give it a try again !

I found the so-called “Instant Lab” from “The IMPOSSIBLE project”. Immediately I ordered it.


It was great to be able to create polaroid’s of any image I was doing, using an iPhone as transfer device. Though the idea is cool.

Usually, I’m using an Olympus OM-D with several prime lenses for my work. Love to work macro as well with the m-zuiko 60mm, 1:2,8.

Having transferred some on polaroid using the “Instant Lab”, I have my polaroid with my digitally created picture.

Then it comes interesting : Let’s, after it’s been developed, lift the emulsion again !

Full procedure is shown here : https://shop.the-impossible-project.com/newsletters/?date=2013-05-23&start=20

Really fun to do !

I attach you three sample pictures that I’ve recently done. The lifts have been transferred to an aquarelle painting paper.

The amazing thing is the really unique thing of every image.

Cheers and best regards from Switzerland !

Pascal (Gauch)






  1. Great prints, Pascal!! I dabbled with polaroid transfers about 20 years ago and greatly enjoyed the experience. Put them in small frames and they make lovely birthday or christmas gifts.

  2. Thanks all for your feedback !
    @Pete : no I am not affiliated in any matter to the IMPOSSIBLE project and their products. I’m just a photographer by passion, not related to that company in any other way than having bought their product.
    To me, it is a form of art, being it in the -long- process to get the final result or just in the fun in doing it. So as always there will be people who like it and some who don’t. That’s just normal.
    I just wanted to share that experience !
    By the way, thank you Steve to have posted it !
    Cheers to all

  3. Lovely Pascal

    Please remember there will always be people who just say things to put others down.
    Please only pay attention to those who are appreciative of creative efforts
    (although sometimes these appreciative types may offer positive advice).

  4. Rubbish…if you want to know process you got to buy it…not free like the website. I see this as an ad to buy something. Hardly and INSPIRATION!

    • Please, always a Mr Downer negative person who has to come around and throw their bitter nonsense around..and it is just that..nonsense. I never heard of this until I saw this DI today. I thought it was cool, so of course I would post the link. I have no affiliation with it whatsoever. NADA. NONE. Never heard of this until today. So chill out Mr. Pete 🙂

      • I get what Pete is saying, now keep in mind I think the prints came out good… and wouldn’t discredit this as “inspiration”, but he’s linking to a gear setup and a site that basically has a video on it that tells you how to do it after you spend your money on their stuff, also this process isn’t very new..

        Anyways, I think your shots are beautiful Pascal and the print method probably strengthens the images, as they seem more fitting in this way then a typical high-res printing method.

      • WTH?? I think I inadvertently used some HTML script when I used a less than and greater than symbol to set apart my comment “yeah, imagine having to pay for something” which I wanted to make sure was understood as sarcasm.

        “I like the prints…”comment is SINCERE!!!

  5. Looks fascinating and I always liked doing image transfers back in my art school days. The only problem is that at 17 pounds (= US$27) for an 8 exposure film pack, it’s not exactly a cheap process…

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