Win cash and a Monochrom in the latest B&W competition!


Win cash and a Monochrom in the latest B&W competition!

Just over a year ago I started to let you guys know about the premium contests over at and the cool part is that each time I posted about the premium B&W contests where the price was a Leica Monochrom and huge amounts of cash, one of my readers won. I am talking a Leica Monochrom (Valued at $8000) AND over $20,000 in cold hard cash. Yea, these prizes are ridiculously good.

There is yet another B&W contest going and while there are still 57 days left to enter I thought I should announce it now so anyone who wants to enter can think about what they want to shoot or submit.

Basically, you can enter with your best B&W photo. It is NOT a free contest (No one can continually give away huge amounts of cash and an $8000 camera) but if you feel you have an incredible B&W photo the $20 entry fee is well worth it to enter for the challenge, the fun and to help raise the prize money. Again, the last 2-3 winners were readers of this site who found out about it from my posts, so maybe we can keep the streak going.

To check it all out you can click HERE. 

There are also many other contests there to check out. Some are free, some are much less than $20 to enter. All depends on the prizes. But one thing remains constant..the I-SHOT-IT website does indeed help inspire you, push you and think outside the box. When prizes like this are on the line you want to do your best so many will go out and shoot with a goal to bring in that winning photo. That right there is worth $20 to me!

I love what they do over at I-SHOT-IT as I know the prizes are real, legit and it does indeed inspire those who enter or want to enter to really give it their all.

If you feel lucky or that you have the skill, check it out!





  1. Both judges do seem to have a preference for a particular tonal quality………….! (Hint, cue, false trail?)

  2. I checked out the list of winners/Mark of Excellence for the most recent B&W competition. Interesting to see that Leicas were the most used cameras of those photographers.

  3. The problem with this contest is photography is so subjective. You’re literally entering a lottery to win something, you may not be entering a lottery to get to the top spots, but to hit the actual top spot, there’s some luck involved. The past three I-Shot-It contest runner ups could all have been the winner. But they weren’t only because at that moment in time, the judges felt a certain way that day. The following day, I’m sure the decision could have been made towards one of the secondary images. Feel free to disagree, because my opinion is just that, an opinion.
    With that opinion in mind.. I may enter one of these days if I happen to enjoy one of my shots enough to believe it could stand a chance. The prize is too tempting not gamble a little.

    • I agree Ashlin, but that subjectivity has been here since the beginning of time. Not only in photography, art but in a lot of things we come across every day.

      I personally entered just to see how one of the three images entered might stand up with judges in a competition like this. It’s human nature to “test” yourself. I was under no illusions though, it can easily(or I should say most likely) be a case of becoming lost amongst the 600 odd images entered.

      As for people making money out of this competition, I have no qualms. Someone has to run it and as long as it is ethical in it’s intentions and subsequent actions the choice of the entering is only up to the individual.

    • It is not the subjectivity that makes it look like a lottery, but the fact that you have to pay to take part. I don’t know whether it is ethical (a photo magazine I read will NOT list competitions where there is an entry fee) but at least the rules are clear.

      But since I submitted an entry, I’d appreciate if Steve could stop promoting this site – I don’t need more competition 😉

    • it is a competition in art – it can only be subjective. You can not measure art.

      Chances to succeed are actually smaller than in a lottery because one not only needs to produce great work, but it also has to be of the right subject that ‘moves’ (so no landscapes or cats). Look at past winners of this general BW contests.

  4. Dear Steve and esteemed readers at,

    It is our privilege to be associated with this wonderful and inspiring photo site, sharing our passion and giving our best every day!! It is always the team and people behind that make it so special.

    Wishing everybody happy shooting,

    Matthias Frei

    I SHOT IT Inc.

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