New Ona Bags! Check ’em out! Prince Street and Berlin II

New Ona Bags! Check ’em out! Prince Street and Berlin II

ONA Bags is at it again and has released three new bags for your camera carrying pleasure. ONA makes some mighty fine bags and I am a huge fan of their Bowery, Berlin and Brixton and now they have released the Prince Street and the Berlin II (which is the same bag as the Berlin Limited Edition). The Prince Street keeps the ONA tradition going and is designed to hold one camera, two lenses, an iPad and some other items or accessories. In other words, perfect for a mirrorless setup (which many of you own here). ONA Bags are all about style, functionality, premium build and materials and of course, beauty. Their leather creations are gorgeous if not a little bit heavy, but also very well made. I received many compliments on my Leather Brixton and Berlin when I used them for travel. You can see my ONA Berlin review HERE and my Bowery/Union Street Review HERE.

B&H Photo sells all ONA Bags HERE.

You can check out the new releases directly at Images are below:

The Berlin II: An All leather bag that started as “The Berlin”, a special limited Leica edition. The 1st version sold out in a day and people wanted it so Ona made it again, with only one Leica red dot instead of two. This is now the Berlin II, same exact bag as the I without the Special Edition name.






The Leather Prince Street. Messenger style with a Leather touch…


prince_ac prince_leather_interior1_1 prince_side

…and the normal Prince Street, no leather 🙂









  1. Hi Steve:
    I don’t have any Ona but I bought 2 Wotan Rykers on your recomendation (and happy I am and the Leicas)!
    I wonder if mr. Honk did pay too much for his old army bag: 5 bugs that’s expensive (well, if it was 5 fleas or like it’s reasonable, but 5 fat well fed ticks or caterpillars…now that’s a complete waste of bugsmoney…
    I wonder what would be the price of a Ona’s in fleas…

  2. It looks too expensive and I wonder about the weight of the leather version. My system is already at the limit since I traded my X-T1 + lenses in for a DF and 85mm 1.4 and carry it with either a 28mm 1.8 or the 56mm 1.8. This all fits in a canvas Bowery, but I see the use for a larger bag on occasion.

    Most of all I still want a black leather version – and ONA simply did not listen. This will be more unobtrusive, and much better for travel safety.

  3. The girl looks like she is about 5’5″. If I adjust the bag like that then yes, the buckle is away from my shoulder, but the bag is at mid-chest.

    All my other bags let me adjust the strap any way I want, without having to worry about a metal buckle.

    If yours does not do this, maybe Ona made a production change?

    • I am 6ft tall and occasionally carry the Bowery when I am traveling very light (I prefer my Brixton as I often have my small laptop with me as well) and I never have an issue with the buckle that you speak of. It is adjustable and adjusts well off my shoulder and is quite comfortable. I think we can end the thread at this point agreeing that the Bowery does not work for you, but works well for most everyone else.

  4. Steve, quite frankly I don’t get the love you give to the Bowery. Anyone curious about the Bowery better take a long hard look at the strap. It has a metal adjustment buckle right where it rests on your shoulder. I tried to adjust mine but you can only position it on the shoulder, or to the front or back of the shoulder where it still digs in. You didn’t notice this when you tested it?
    No other Ona bags have this design. They, like pretty much all other bags, have padding here.Mine (bought used from the classifieds on this site) is relegated as a storage bag.

    • Not only did I test it, I own three ONA bags ad use them all, never an issue with the strap, none, zilch, nada. I love the bowery and is my fave of the on a series. Have taken it many places, traveled with it and carried it for 8 hours one day, never an issue. I have one in black and a leather version as well.

      • Really? So the metal buckle that is on your shoulder does not bother you at all?
        To me, that is an unbelievably poor design, and it is telling that no other bags in their range have this feature.
        The only reason I’m keeping it is because I bought it used sight unseen, and use it to store equipment.

        • I just pulled out my Bowery’s and put them on me, across my chest as I always wear my bags. The metal buckle is no where near my shoulder, its down by the bag at my waist. It is easily adjustable and moves anywhere you want it to move. This may be why I never had an issue. Not sure what you are talking about with the metal buckle being at the shoulder.

          Take a look at the link below and you will see a girl wearing the can see the metal buckle is moved down on hers as well (it is adjustable).

  5. Thanks for your review and because of that I already purchased on direct from ONA website, expect deliver to Hong Kong next Monday or Tuesday, can’t wait to touch my new bag, wish I will like it.

    • In good all times, almost every teacher, doctor, ceo, lawyer…used somewhat a similar bag, more crude or refined, larger or smaller, waxed or plain leather…even my bag in elementary school was of indestructive leather (in 4 or 6 years I barely scratched it).
      Why all this worry? Those big SLR with imensely large neckstraps embroydered Canon or Nikon are much more flamboyant and “screamer”…

  6. I can’t understand why designers keep hard metal parts on this kind of (beautiful) bags, what could damage our so precious gear like a Leica…

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