Sony A7II, $200 OFF!! Great deal.

Sony A7II, $200 OFF!! Great deal.


The Sony A7II has a $200 instant rebate right now at B&H Photo & Amazon! if you have been wavering on this one, I will say it is still my favorite camera right now, up there with the Leica M and Olympus E-M1 and E-M5II. I use mine EVERY day for video, photo and it goes with me everywhere.

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  1. If you were an enthusiast, would you buy an A6000 plus a good lens, or an A7II with an average lens? I get the feeling the A6000 would allow for more spending in other areas of photography (wireless flash, lightroom presets, etc.) Any thoughts would be appreciated!

    • Danny, I carry an A7 and the a6000. Me personally I would rather have the higher quality lens and the a6000 with the plans of adding an A7 later down the road, as new models arrive the prices drop. Two bodies is nice for me because of the crop factor it’s great when a 50mm is a true 50mm but it’s also cool when that 50 mm becomes a 75mm for a little extra reach without having to carry extra lenses. Good luck with what ever you choose.

  2. Thanks Steve for the heads up. A few days late. I bought one new off eBay on Monday for the same price. Your reviews helped me decide between the A7ii or RX1R. And then the Zeiss Loxia 35 or Sony Zeiss 35 1.4. I know you’re pushing the 1.4 but after seeing how small the a7 is I decided on the Loxia to keep things compact. And ordered through your links to give ya credit. Now onto your accessories list. Keep up the great reviews.

    The A7ii feels nice. Love the new finish. Can’t wait to feel the Loxia.

  3. Is this just “be nice to customers” week, or is Sony about to unveil a new camera, like an A7rii or the rumored A9?

    • I think it may be to do with the exchange rate of the US dollar, right now Americans are paying a lot more than every other country (excluding tax) for this camera; the reason for this is the strong US dollar. I saved just over $200 because I bought mine in Canada.

  4. had the kit for the same price 2 days ago, sold out with no estimated date when it would be available again (can reserve yours though ). They also had one open-box, which I bought using for $1349-115 in gift card discounts=$1235. For the kit:) Waiting…2 days left for delivery

  5. Even with $200 off this is still overpriced. Poor auto focus, glassy/plasti bokeh, lack of any fast native zoom lenses, no battery life, ergonomically retarded… It will be 10 years before this camera fully evolves to pro level as sony will only address one issue at a time with each new release and continue to milk profit off limp wristed, fan-boy, GAS guzzlers.

    Thanks but no thanks. Ill keep my D750 and my fast 24-70 and 70-200 pro lenses before settling for sonys underdeveloped sensor image stabilization. And Ill use my M glass the way it was intended.

    • Not true at all, The Af is speedy, bokeh is all the lens, not the camera which shows you really have no idea of what you speak of. Choose a good lens and you will get gorgeous images. There are plenty of amazing native lenses for this system that beat most Canon and Nikon offerings, especially the huge 750 and monster lenses you carry around. There is nothing the A7II can not do, and I use it daily. It’s my #1 and I have used them all, and can own whatever I want. I choose the A7Ii, A7s and my Leica M as well as an Olympus. I do not play the fanboy card, sorry.

      • My experience of A7R is it is a wonderful camera with issues. Auto focus is an issue, however its not a deal breaker, the zeiss lenses are fantastic. I am in love with my camera, but its not perfect. To slag it off is dumb, but to say AF is not an issue I am presuming is false (not used A72), I think Sony produced what will be regarded as a classic based on results, price and the stealth and beauty of the small package. Its all about results though and in my experience coupled with the top notch Zeiss lenses its fantastic package.

        • The A7II AF is significantly improved over the A7r. I currently have both, but will sell the A7II although it is the much better overall package than the A7r. However, the sensor in the A7r is a monster and I prefer the camera`s compact size and quite lower weight.

    • Mojokielbasa, I don’t get guys like you. I understand that you may not care for the Sony a7 series and that you love your Nikon. Why do you burn calories declaring what you dislike? This post just pointed out a discount. I appreciate being alerted to deals I may not have heard about. You talk about GAS guzzlers then mention your D750, 24-70, 70-200 and your M glass. Sounds like you may be over compensating to justify your purchasing decisions. Plus you throw in limp wristed because someone likes a smaller camera? Was Capa, Bresson and Eddie Adams limp wristed? You are certainly entitled to your opinions. I recommend using what works for you and concentrating on the work not just the tools, especially the ones you have no interest in.

    • Auto focus on the Sony A7ii with the Sony FE 70-200 f/4 G OSS is possibly faster than my D3 with a 70-200 f2.8 VR. It is also totally silent, unlike the noticeable clicks with the Nikon. So far that’s the only auto focus lens I have for the Sony, but I have a Batis 85/1.8 on order for when it’s released in July.

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