READER QUICK SHOT: Nocticron and Olympus E-M1

QUICK SHOT: Nocticron and Olympus E-M1

By Dave MacAaron

(From Steve: This “Quick Shot” will be a new series much like the daily inspiration but with ONE SHOT only. If you have ONE SHOT that you absolutely love, send it to me with a description of the shot, what you used to take the image and why you like it. I may post it as a “Quick Shot”! Send to me at

Hi Steve!

Longtime fan here. Love all the reviews and articles and shares on your site. I was walking home with my daughter one night last winter in Hell’s Kitchen, NYC and it was twilight. I was snapping away at a few things here and there and then we came upon this tree with Christmas lights still up. The lighting was beautiful so I snapped the kid. It’s one of my fave moments and shots.

Taken with the Olympus EM1 and the Panny Leica 42.5 mm f1.4 Nocticron.

Thanks for all the great work! Peace!

lights hood

Dave MacAaron


  1. What can I say?! That’s my eight year old granddaughter. Thanks to the photographer (my son…. and her dad) and his camera, I get to watch almost every moment of her growing up. These photos will be treasured forever.

  2. Thank you all so much for the comments! It’s a great lens/camera combo and I shoot all the time with it now. I have gotten great feedback doing portraits/headshots with it. Than you to Steve too. I have learned so much from you and your site. I also love the photo of the day idea. It’s great seeing everyone’s work. Inspiring… Peace!

  3. I love how the x-mas lights are out of focus and overlap with her fur hood which is super sharp! Brilliant! Nice shot with beautiful color! By the way, the ONE SHOT is a great idea!

  4. Pretty bokeh, beautiful girl and just a nice wintery picture for someone who is barely surviving summer in the TX heat 🙂

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