VIDEO BAG REVIEW: The Tenba Cooper Series 8 and 13 Slim


VIDEO BAG REVIEW: The Tenba Cooper Series 8 and 13 Slim

It’s that time again…more bags! It seems there is NEVER a shortage of camera bags to house your camera gear. Choices are everywhere and I have seen and tried so many over the years. Some of my faves have been Billingham, Wotancraft, Artisan and Artist, Think Tank, Hold Fast Gear, Fogg, and now TENBA as they have created a VERY attractive bag here in the Cooper series, and the cool part is that these are VERY well made and super functional as well as lightweight and attractive. Will the Cooper be for you? Maybe, take a look at the video below to see more!

More on the Tenba Cooper series can be seen HERE. 


See more on the Cooper at Tenba HERE


  1. I have mine since 1982 and it’s still in good order……..and i could buy tha same, in de classics series !

  2. Great look at these beauties. I’ve the 13″ Slim and can vouch that this is a gorgeous bag. One thing you didn’t mention was the quiet velcro. Very cool, simple solution. And it works. I use this with my A7RII and 3 lenses. Perfect size. Size zipper pockets can hold a lens or flash as well.

    • That lens was recalled after I received it for review for “issues” according to SLR Magic. I had to send it back to SLR Magic. it was underwhelming at the end of the day but I will wait to see if they send me an improved version.

  3. I fell in love with Tenba back in the 80s. I currently have two of their messengers and have alternated carrying them daily for more than 10 years. They have logged hundreds of thousands of miles. I’ve tried many of the others, but always come back to the Tenba for my daily carry. Can’t wait to get one of these in my hand.

  4. I’m interested with the zipper on the flap so I don’t have to open the entire flap to reach my gear. But i’m satisfied with my Ona prince street, since i’ve got it for free when i purcashed a7rii

  5. Hi Steve, Just started using a Peak Design Every Day Messenger Bag for the Leica SL, its 24-90 zoom and 3 to 4 M lenses including the Noctilux. Amazing bag and definitely worth your review! You might just fall in love!

  6. Great review as always, Steve! Yes, I too, can vouch for the quality of the Tenba products! If I didn’t already have (and love!) the Tenba DNA11, I’d go for the Cooper Slim line. The DNA11 also has the top-mounted zipper, as well as the internal side flaps to offer some protection against water ingress. One other thing that the DNA series offers is the slick, quick-release magnetic clasps for the main flap. The DNA11 works well for a smaller system such as the mirrorless Fuji XT-1 with 3-4 lenses plus accessories! Thanks again sir!

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