NEW Buy & Sell Forum (BETA)

NEW Buy & Sell Forum (BETA)

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Just put up the new BUY & SELL forum. It’s sort of in a test mode as it may or may not be 100% stable. If you have any camera gear to sell, give it a go. I had to remove the old buy and sell as it was causing issues on the site in general. So go check out the new one HERE. 

You do have to register to use the buy & sell forum. Also, only camera gear is allowed (lenses, cameras, accessories) and no dealers, just private sales. This also has  PM feature and you can upload images of your gear. There may be bugs…so if so, will try to fix them.

Enjoy! I am heading out today to shoot the Sony RX10III more as it has intrigued me in many ways. Video, Photo, that 600mm Zoom. FULL review on the way.


  1. This is just a suggestion, and it might not be possible, but how about the ability to register using a credit card to verify ID? Anyway, if I have something to sell I’ll definitely try your forums before eBay. 🙂

    • Not possible as I would never ever ask for credit card from poeple to register, that sounds way more shady than someone listing an item for sale. I have had buy and sell here for years, never a problem. All it takes is smarts from the buyer. As long as paypal is not sent as a gift, and you communicate with the seller there would be no issues. All those who post here have to go through an approval from me, so its not just anyone. But thousands have used it over the years, problem free.

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