What do YOU want to see REVIEWED here?


What do YOU want to see REVIEWED here?

Hey guys! Just a quick question. WHAT PHOTO product (camera, lens, system, accessory) would you like to see reviewed here for June? I will soon be wrapping up my Sony RX10 III and A6300 review, and a coupke other lens reviews but after that, I am curious as to what YOU would like to see me review here? ANYTHING camera related, even a DSLR or any photo product.

Leave a comment below and let me know your ideas..maybe the Leica M-D? Maybe a unique lens? Let me know in the comments below! The product with the most mentions will be it! BTW, photo above taken with the Olympus PEN-F and 7-14 Pro Lens. That combo is stunning.





  1. Updated review of the Leica T with new firmware and in-depth review of the new Leica Summilux-TL 35mm f/1.4 Lens

  2. Would love a review or comparison of Loxia 21mm Vs Sony 24mm f/1.8 ZA-E-Mount VS Sony FE 28mm f/2

    P.S. A bit of background if you’ve got time to read a bit further. I’m about to ditch my Canon gear & my research on mirrorless got me to your site. Wonderful resource. Its become my one stop shop & I’m ready to take the plunge. Loved the coverage on the Zeiss lenses, especially Loxia. I’m buying the Loxia 50mm & Batis 85mm along with the Sony A7R II. I love the idea of Loxia 21mm but I think it’ll be too wide for me. The Batis 25mm doesn’t appeal to me due to the form & size. You never reviewed the Sony 24mm f/1.8 ZA-E-Mount. As you mention, you don’t review things that aren’t really inspiring. A lot of my photos that I love were taken with Sigma 24mm f/1.4 Art & would love a 24mm lens over a 21mm Loxia or a 28mm FE. Is it really that bad a lens?

    • The 24mm f1.8 is a great lens, but is not made for the full frame sensor of your a7rII. It’s made for Aps-c cameras like the a6300. It would still work on your camera in crop mode, but that would make it a 35mm equivalent instead of the wide 24mm that you’re looking for.

  3. Congratulations, Steve, on a fruitful exercise.
    Now please write a summary of the principal points.
    Thank you

  4. The new Summicron 28/2 and especially the upcoming Summilux-SL 50/1.4. Perhaps the new novoflex autofocus adapters for the SL?

  5. any recommended strap for Leica SL?

    Maybe do some test and comparison on the new 35mm summicron, 28mm elmarit and summicron against the older version.

  6. Super Takumar 50 1.4 and 55 1.8 Pentax screw mount lenses on a Leica SL and Sony A7RII. These are $20 lenses that are supposed to be amazing bargains.

  7. Hi Steve, I would like to see ZEISS iphone combo and DXO one camera for iphone combo tested. Perhaps also camera’s for drones like the djio phantom.

  8. Pentax K-1 with Zeiss ZK’s and the FA Limited’s. I already know the answer mind, it’s all sat here on my desk in front of me. Never before has a camera and set of primes made me smile like this.

  9. How about reviewing flash guns and how well they work with their equivalent camera systems

  10. Wow, Steve, what a number of comments! I didn’t read all of them, leaving that to you… ๐Ÿ™‚
    But I’d like to say two things (make sure you read the second!).

    1) I just received the Zeiss Loxia case. It’s great. A very sturdy outer case, ready for air (and other) transport, and a very light inner case for comfortable carrying with an excellent wide strap, yet offering great protection. This is something I think you should review. That is, yoรน should do it in the first place, since it’s a tool, specifically made for one of the target groups of your site, your site above all other sites. IMO, you should always do the first review. Readers reviews can add to that, but should come second. It’s your site, so I believe yours should be first. I know, I understand you and I agree with you that you only review what can enthuse you (or rather what you think that you wouldn’t have to discommend – so maybe, just maybe, you could do yet a few more reviews than what you do now – so many readers would applaud this). So the Zeiss case would be a good idea to look at, I guess.

    2) Yesterday, my heart stood still. Exactly on the first day that I went out with my new protection case, my camera got damaged (so I thought). While shooting a series with my tripod, all of a sudden, when I was looking aside for a moment, somebody just brutally run against it. The tripod turned over and the camera smacked flat on the concrete soil, lens down. I had the Loxia 50mm on and I feared the worst. The lens hood was irreparably demolished. I had to use a bit force to take it off, because the dent came all the way up to where the hood was attached to the lens. The camera flipped out. I had to take out the battery and the memory card to reboot it. But then it worked again! Apparently the lens hood had completely caught the clap, playing the role of a shock absorber. Later I continued taking pictures and everything seemed to work fine, the pictures were perfect. One exception: the EVF was a bit blurry. The LCD was perfect, but the EVF was not. I was feeling bad and couldn’t catch sleep till after 3:00AM. I thought I would have to miss my camera for several weeks to have the EVF repaired. But today, trying it again, I thought it just looked like a wrongly set diopter. I adjusted the diopter wheel and got the view back to razor sharp. So the only thing that it’ll cost me, is a new lens hood. For the rest, not the tinyest scratch to be seen. And all this after such a rock hard fall!
    Conclusion: both the A7RII and the Loxia are professionally constructed. I really can’t say anythin else. What a comforting thought!

  11. Steve,
    Can you test Canon EF lens performance on the Sony A7Rii or A7Sii using the metabones adapter? The problem is that there are so few weather sealed native FE-mount lenses available for the Sony A7 series.
    And just for fun, I would like to see how Leica T APC-S lenses perform on the Leica SL.
    Your site is great! Keep up the excellent work.

  12. How about some reviews of flash units and modifiers and how they work with different camera system ?

  13. I would like to see a comprehensive comparison between the various wide angle lenses for the Sony E mount system. A few months ago there was nothing, and now we have too many lenses to chose from: the Batis 25, the loxia 21, the Batis 18, the voigtlander 15, the Voigtlander 10, the Sony 16-35…

  14. Hi Steve. One more request of a review of the Sigma Quattros. May be the new Compagnon Bags from Germany could give an interesting review? Leather and quite well made, it seems.
    Maybe you could check some different RAW-Converters like Silkypix or Irident next to Lightroom.
    It seems that many sites depend only on ACR when testing cameras. But ACR is missing a lot, like not supporting the important motion correction when using pixel shift on the K1. Or, in my case, the questionable support of the X-Trans Sensor compared to C1 or Irident.
    As always i enjoy reading your reviews, so i hope photokina will bring some exiting new gadgets.

  15. The new Leica 35 summicron please also Steve a heads up your mobile site when you go too comment its black text on black background you can’t see what your writing or navigate very well to comment

  16. Clearly the Pentax K1 as its the best camera for the price on the market today.

  17. I don’t think you’ve reviewed any of the Peak Design stuff have you?

  18. More Leica content! Your Leica coverage was what initially drew me in, and what ultimately encouraged me to buy my first m!

    I’d love to see comparisons/reviews of the new 28’s and 35 that just came out.

  19. Hi Steve,
    I greatly enjoy your reviews and will be renting a PEN-F and 7-14 Zoom soon. I would like to see a Panny GX85 review or at least a hands on with your comments on the post focus feature. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  20. I think what you hear in all of this is that we like what you have to say about something. It is a compliment that we want your review even if some of the guest reviews are excellent. I have Fuji gear but have had Olympus and others. I know how you feel about Fuji. I agree with some of it and even the things I don’t agree with I can certainly appreciate your point of view and it makes me think. As you have said, almost any of these cameras can take great photos, its mostly how you use them. Having said that, we love to talk gear. I also appreciate you can’t do everything. It does seem like you were more prolific in the past but you have a great site. I know you only write about what inspires you, consider letting us know what did not inspire you and why. it doesn’t have to be long.

  21. Pentax k1, sigma dp, same crazy comparisons using same lenses on old and new digital cams.

  22. Hi Steve,

    Have you done a followup review of the Techart AF adapter? Also a review of the MC-11 adapter which seems to have mixed reviews plus the 2 Samyang AF lens when it becomes available.

  23. I would like to see more reviews and content penned by YOU, Steve. I’ve visited your site regularly since the early days, and have always enjoyed your no bull reviews and crazy comparo’s. But lately it seems like the site is 80% “guest posts”, and 20% your own content. I do enjoy some of the features, like Film Friday, but I visit the site mostly for YOUR enthusiastic reviews and opinions. So, more of that, please! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’d love to but when there is a lack of exciting cameras, there will be a lack of reviews. Nothing exciting since the PEN-F IMO. Cameras like the ones we enjoy and use are going to be getting fewer and more far between. Phones are taking over photography for most of the world, so I can not review what is not there ๐Ÿ˜‰ When something comes along that gets me going, there will be a full review but there can not be full reviews every other day for cameras as there is not much out there today, that I have not reviewed that I would recommend. Most of what has come out this year that I have not reviewed are rehash cameras. Since I do not play the games of most review sites, it will seem like a lack of reviews when in reality it is a lack of new great cameras AT THIS POINT IN TIME. But Photokina is coming, and then there will be a rush. Also, I have reviews of the A6300 coming as well as the 70-300 Sony lens and a look at the PEN-F with Nocticron update. Those are 1/2 done already. Thank you. Also, in the past couple of weeks I have reviewed the Leica 90-280, Olympus 300mm pro, Leica T and 35 1.4, etc. Not possible to have a new review every day.

      • I completely understand. Reviews are time-consuming, and I wouldn’t expect one every day. And you’re also right about the lack of interesting new gear. I’ve been using an A7ii with adapted Contax lenses for awhile now, and I see no reason to update. Does everything and does it well. The Pen F is the only camera which piques my interest, but mostly because of the gorgeous design. It’s not going to do anything better than the A7ii, and it’s about the same size. Anyway, keep up the great work! Love your site!

      • So wait… You mean to tell me the GX85 isn’t exciting? The first camera to have dual I.S. While shooting 4K?
        In fact, being the Pen F has a 20mp sensor with no real improvement in image quality, and is highly expensive for what it is, I see the GX85 out performing it easily.

        • I said there have not been many real revolutionary exciting cameras this year (compared to previous years) Who said the GX85 was not exciting? Not me. I have not even tried it yet. But will be reviewing it this month, so hopefully you will give it a read. Thank you.

  24. I know how much you enjoyed using the Pentax K7 and K5, so I’d LOVE to see you review the K1. Also, a Panasonic GX85 review would be awesome!

  25. im sorry if theres already something like this on the site but id like a little guide to lightroom. maybe just tell us how you use it. little tips and tricks. thanks and love from sweden.

  26. Hi Steve,

    I’d like to see a review about how older cameras compare to the latest versions in real life situations, ie do a street shoot with a GX8 and a GF1 using the same lens.
    Another thing is camera bags in real life, you review a lot of bags, many of them luxury high end bags, but how do they hold up in tough conditions ? I used to own a Billingham bag for my dslr gear, worked great until I got caught in a monsoon in India. It kept my gear dry which was great, but the rain affected the leather so much that parts began to break, after that I’ve stayed away from leather bags.

    Take care,

    • Im not a fan of Billingham these days, when compared to the smaller boutique makers like Wotancraft, HoldFast and others. As for older cameras, that would entail me searching them out and having to buy them…maybe. Thank you for the suggestions!

  27. Steve,

    First, let me say how much I like your reviews. They hit the right note for me.
    In fact they have tipped the balance when I was contemplating a couple of items.
    (I have just bought the Leica SL 90-280mm zoom which you reviewed recently.)

    Like many photographers who bought a first camera with video capability (Leica M240 in my case) I dipped my toes into the cinematography world, then became hooked on making short films. You can see some of my films at vimeo.com/goff.

    There is now a bewildering range of still cameras with video capability. Some are better than others. We could benefit guidance from you, or from a trusted colleague with more experience in making films with small cameras.

    So my suggestion is that you occasionally focus on videography (not forgetting the importance of sound). Draw our attention to exciting new cameras with video capability, and explain what they do and do not do. And occasionally make a comparison between the top contenders of the year.

    Do so from the perspective of the enthusiastic amateur. (That would complement the reviews by Kirk Tuck ,who does a great job from the perspective of the one-man professional photographer who has added video to his menu.)

    If you decide to go this route, please include reviews of relevant accessories.
    For example, I have just ordered an Atomos Flame to record 10 bit from my Leica SL.
    And a Rรธde stereo microphone to get top quality sound.


  28. I have always enjoyed your crazy comparisons and like to see more of them. Especially the way the cameras reproduce colors. Nowadays even one inch sensor cameras are good enough for any assignment. You could make a terrific advertising campaign shooting with a Nikon J5 for example. The differences that are most noticeable are the colors, but hardly anyone reviews that aspect.

  29. Hi Steve

    New objectives of Zeiss (ex: milvus) with old body, Canon 5d 1 first series, or Canon 1d Mk 3.

  30. I really like your crazy comparisons and with your skills for describing fun and mojo and of course the good results you create with your gear when just taking it out for walk, it could be interesting what you could get out 1″ truly pants-pocketable camera (like eg Sony RX100 or Canon G9X) compared to a top of the line mobile phone. The Canon G9X may be the smallest ‘serious’ camera available now, despite having no EVF. But most phones do not have an EVF anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. please review the Sony FE 70-300… and I know it’s not your style of shooting, but perhaps include your take on the 70-300’s subject tracking AF capabilities/limitations on the A7RII and A6300 bodies. Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Thanks Steve! Special request: not sure if you still have an RX10 III on hand, but if you do, in your 70-300 review, please give us your insight on how the RX10 III compares against the FE 70-300 on a A7RII or A6300 body, not necessarily in terms of IQ (since it’s kinda unfair to compare a 1″ sensor to a full frame or crop), but more in terms of continuous AF performance when shooting moving subjects like wildlife, kids, etc. I’m torn on whether I should pick up FE 70-300 for my A7RII and A6300 or get the RX10 III instead, for shooting little league games and a little birding.

        • I do have an RX10IIi and really really like it, quite a bit, due to the reach and very nice IQ. DR and ISO are its weaknesses but other than that, it’s quite amazing.

      • I’m excited for that one also. My interest will be (in addition to overall IQ) evenness of coverage. I do panoramas and even coverage across the sensor is very important. I will also look forward to the Sony 70-200 f.8GM series when it finally hits the street (any idea of when by chance?). Many thanx for your work for us!

  32. Voigtlander 10mm and I will love to see your opinions about the old Nikkor 35mm 1.4 Ai adapted to the Sony A7 series.

    Also I’m looking forward to the review of the G master 24-70 f/2.8.

  33. Panasonic-Leica 15mm f1.7 You said previously that you would review it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Shot with one for two weeks but did not get enough with it to write a review. I did not think it was anything special and with the ‘Leica” name, I thought it should have had more “oomph” to it.

      • Alright, I think my review request is met! Thanks! (0 sarcasm here, 100% serious. Great site, I love your work.)

  34. the PEN F was supposed to have a follow-up review mentioned in your initial impressions – did I miss it?

    Thanks Steve

    • I will eventually but that review was a full review and quite long. When writing it, I had no idea I would finish it as a full review, and I did. So not much to follow up on besides to say it’s one of my fave cameras today. But its all in the lenses too. With a crap lens, it will not be a great camera. With 2-3 great lenses, it is quite amazing.

      • This is what I’m currently most interested. More feedback on use with the Pen F as well as fave lenses to go with it!!!

      • Which lens with the pen F do you recommend? I’m trying to hold off for the em2 though.

  35. And Sigma 30mm 1.4 Contemporary too! There are not that many reviews of this lens online.

  36. GX8, GX85 and X-Pro 2 please Steve! I haven’t seen your Panasonic / Fuji full reviews for a while! I think there was an initial review of the GX8 but not a full review ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I try them all, unless something WOWS me these days I am uninspired. I feel many cameras released this year have been more of the same old same old, like the GX8, X-Pro 2, etc. A full review of the Pro 2 is on this site, and that will be the “official” review for that camera on this site, as I just can not get into it, for me and my style of shooting and for the cost, I am a fan of others over the Fuji (Pen-F, Sony A6300, even the GX8). I truly STRONGLY prefer the PEN-F to the X-Pro 2 for style, build, size, speed, lenses, color, and yes, even pop. Video, image stabilization on the pen-f is also better than the Fuji. Id take a PEN-F and 7-14, 17 1.8, 42.5 1.2, and 75 1.8 over a Fuji X-Pro 2 and equiv lenses and could create better looking photos with the PEN over the Fuji in all but dark conditions. I will be reviewing the GX85 VERY soon.

  37. Pentax K-1 and Sigma SD Quattros…..please!

    Also, I am glad that you are opening up to ALL/ ANY photography related gear. Your style of review is great and it should benefit photography in general rather than restricting yourself to a particular type/ brand/ style.



  38. Please do a comparison with the Panasonic Lumix GX85, Panasonic GX8, Olympus EM5ii, Fujifilm XT10 and Sony a6300. Side by Side with a moderate zoom on each of them. Not the fastest or most expensive of the lenses, just mid level zoom lenses for day to day walking around. For the people who need a decent quality without the price of a used car.

  39. Adding to the votes for the Pentax K-1, Sony A6300 and Leica lenses with a focus on 28 and 35mm for discrete street capture.

  40. I can’t decide between the new 28 Summicron asph and the 28 Summilux asph so a side by side of those two please! :O))

  41. Thanks for your past (and future!) reviews and videos, Steve.

    OK, you did ask what we wanted for reviews so here goes:

    The Canon eos-M3 using your leica M glass!!

    Yup, thats right, I said it… the best reviewed rangefinder glass bolted into worst reviewed Mirrorless camera!

    I’ve been using the Voigtlander F1.5 50mm on the Eos-M3 and just love it. Light, portable, Focus peaking make the slow AF critique of the lens moot as well as the rangefinder style of shooting (Slowly composing shots and waiting for the “moment) makes its slow re-fire / shutter response time also moot as well. BTW, I know some really fast rangefinder shooter, faster than DSLR AF shooters so I wasn’t knocking rangefinder shooting. Just pointing out a style of shooting that makes the two biggest criticisms of the Eos-M3 near irrelevant.

    I’m asking because you have a lot of experience shooting with these lenses on a variety of camera systems so I’m curious on seeing you take.

    Some lenses to suggest…

    50mm f1.4 summilux & f2.0 ‘Cron.

    newest 28mm f2 ‘Cron.

    Either the 75mm and/or 90mm.

    Wide angle of you choice… Not sure what there is at 24mm and below… I know there were issues with non-leica cameras because of the lack of accommodating micro lenses on non leica cameras. The Eos-m3 is an aps-c sensor so I’m curious how that fairs.

    Thank you again Steve!

  42. more fuji stuff, I know you dont like the rendering (watercolor mush effect in LR) but I think many of us are missing out on your take of some of the wonderful lenses that fuji has been spitting out, as well as their cameras. Just a though.

  43. crazy comparison of summilux 28, new summicron 28, new elmarit 28, zeiss biogon 28 ZM and perhaps Leica Q in terms of sharpness wide open, bokeh, colors, contrast and distortion.

    • I second that request! good one manfred. very few reviews of the new 28mm’s compared to the old. leica rumors just posted something and the youtube brooklyn shooters channel has a nice review of the new f2.0 28mm, but thats it.

      Thanks steve.

  44. Comparison of Leica Typ 262 vs Leica M-D Typ 262 – which is the preferred minimalist Leica M (and maybe throw the Typ 246 into the mix).

    • They are exactly the same camera in every way besides the no lcd on the M-D. So the preferred minimalist would be the M-D.

      • Do you have any thoughts regarding the M-D brass top (definitely more traditional, especially without the red dot, but at the expense of 80 grams) or the fact that the M-D is raw files only (requires post processing, but you don’t have to deal with white balance settings)?

  45. Hi Steve… 2 lenses I’d love to see reviewed are the zm 50 1.5 on the Sony a7s2 and the 50 milvus on anything, ideally on a Pentax K1 via adapter of course lol.

  46. Hi Steve – I’m not sure if this is your bag or not, but I’d love to see some drone reviews. Especially from the perspective of the novice drone user and the image quality provided by the different manufacturers.

    • I have to agree with Jimmy. X Pro 2 is conspicuous in its absence. Especially considering you got so many of us to buy a X100S/T etc..

      • In another article Steve (the one where you talk about grips I think) you mention buying something for your own X-Pro-2 but you make no mention of any review of the camera. It’s odd that even here you don’t even mention it in your upcoming reviews if you own it…

        • I re-read and realized it was a submission not by you. So Im even more interested why the fuji is so absent.

          • Fuji is an enemy here! It is obvious for most of the people who visit this place which used to be very nice and frequently exciting but now it is mainly Sony advertising place (plus some very cool stuff from several contributors). But it is driven by Mr Huff and he has legal right to do with this place what ever he wants!
            We may or may not necessarily agree with the content and can visit another places if too much tired..

          • I review ALL cameras that I enjoy. I have reviewed and loved the X-T1, and all X100’s and previous models. If I do not like the X Trans, and I do not, I can not in good faith say I LOVE IT and recommend it. I could make a ton writing glowing reviews of the Fuji products but I just do not enjoy the latest sensors, so I do not recommend or review them. This is why I asked someone who LOVES Fuji to do the review for the X Pro 2, to keep my dislike for the sensor out of it. Makes sense huh? Yes. Over 8 years i have been called a Leica fanboy, Fuji fanboy (true, when I loved the X100 I was called this often), Olympus fanboy and even a NIKON Fanboy for liking the V1. Fact is, I write about what I like, no matter the brand. PERIOD.

        • I DO NOT own it and never did. That ay have been a mis-speak, and I would love for you to tell me which video and where I say this. I mentioned wanting to buy the grip for my PEN-F but I do not own an XPro 2.

    • Its disappointing but Steve just doesn’t like the camera I guess is the bottom line. Amy Medina’s review was cool, but people want to hear Steve opinions and see the comparisons at least. Wish it would be addressed, don’t get it but oh well.

      • If I posted an X-Pro 2 review here, and gave my cons and negatives it would be a hate fest against me, even if I just said “Not an Xtrans Fan”. Not looking for negativity and hate so I do not review cameras I do not get along with. It’s a good camera but for the money Id take a PEN-F over an X-Pro 2 any day of the week, for me. Just not a fan of the X-trans look, flat files, build quality, hollow feeling lenses, and the way the camera is constructed (when compared to competing cameras). I was a huge Fuji fan with the X100, until they went Xtrans. So for me, unless Fuji develops a new sensor and gets away from the X, I doubt I will be thrilled. I could have lied, and praised the hell out of it to make a boatload of sales through links but I am honest, and did not do that. Probably a dumb move on my part.

        • “What has Fuji delivered this time as an upgrade to their 1st huge mirrorless, the X-Pro 1? Well, I will predict that this will be the coolest, hippest and most desirable APS-C camera available today. With its sleek rangefinder-esque appearance to the hybrid viewfinder giving a unique experience, to the much much faster AF and low light capabilities, the new X-Pro 2 will be huge for Fuji as Fuji fans have been waiting for this one. I look forward to reviewing it with some of the latest Fuji lenses.” โ€”Steve Huff, January 15, 2016

          • My prediction was wrong. That is why it used the words “I PREDICT”. I had higher hopes. I had one and used it and for me it fell flat.

        • Steve,

          Don’t let troll and fanboys dictate what you review. You’re not a Fuji guy, I’m not a Sony guy, but I still respect your reviews.

          Fuji also does a pretty good job of listening to photographers and review sites. Your dislikes could go towards making a better camera for all of us.

        • Steve, you may not like the X tras (many do not like Sony’s ergonomic aspects and say it is crap…people are different so are camears with so many choices these days) but please just do not spread this nonsense about hollow Fuji lenses and cameras…..you are just too good….
          Years ago I sent you a summary of quite a few cameras with dimensions, weight and avg density factors to show you which one is hollow and surely it was not Fuji (the “hollow” feeling comes from perceived “density” of a camera…lighter, bigger camera is more hollow).
          X trans sensor is matter of personal taste but there are some technical aspects and those cannot be just ignored.

          • I never spread ANYTHING. To me, when compared to cameras from Sony, Olympus, or ANY other serious make, the Fuji bodies and lenses feel almost hollow. That’s a fact.

      • Agree on Amy’s review, it was good. But its not just the review that I look forward to from Steve, I do look forward to seeing some of the comparisons that Steve does, even the crazy comparisons. I would love to see X-Pro2 file comparison to Leica’s M240 files.

  47. The upcoming Leica M-D-M. (the new M-D with monochrom sensor)
    The ultimate essence of digital photography. RF, full frame, no screen, B&W sensor.

  48. Leicas finest from the 80s: The R-Line – finally on the SL. No one has done the obvious yet.

    Handlingwise it should be quiet a match.

    The 60 Macro-Elmarit beats the APO-50-M in corner sharpness stopped down, in bokehness close up and almostevery lens in versatility.

    The 50 Lux E60 lets my 50-LUX-M-ASPH gather dust almost all of the time.

    The 50 Cron Version II is a dream and VERY small and lets you focus close and has two native ELPROs available almost for free….

    The List gos on and on and on.

    No matter whether you search for high end bargains among the multitude of elmarits or even for designs surpassing their M counterparts like the APO 90 ASPH which focusses 30cm closer and has the smoothest focusring of all times.

  49. I use a lot of legacy lenses with my cameras. I enjoyed reading some your reviews on older lenses such as on the Jupiter 8. Many of us are now using legacy lenses with micro four thirds and the Sony A series, etc.

    • Good suggestion.

      I’ve just coupled a Zoom-Nikkor 35-70mm f3.5 AI-s (not the AI or the f3.3-4.5) with an A7ii and have seen outstanding sharpness and colour rendition. Heavy, but worth it.

      Likewise, a Jupiter 8 and Industar 61 have been very worthwhile performers.

  50. The Pentax K-1! I know your thing is really mirrorless, but even as a mirrorless user myself I’m intrigued by the K-1.

  51. Sigma QUATTRO DP0 as a digital XPan alternative. I love the wide frame and I sometimes use my M9 and crop it in post but it is not the same experience. The DP0 as a wide frame mode and I would love to see how it works that way.

  52. I’m really curious about the Venus Laowa 15mm f/4 on the Sony A7RII. For an ultra wide angle lens with tilt shift and macro capabilities, it’s really amazing considering the price but wanted to know about the overall performance of the lens.

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