10 Changes coming to STEVEHUFFPHOTO.COM! For the better!

10 Changes coming to STEVEHUFFPHOTO.COM! For the better!


Hello to all! Just wanted to give an update on some cool changes coming to this site soon! For the past few months, I have been taking it a little easier than usual on this website..and by that I mean I have spent less time on THIS website recently due to other obligations, and truth be told, a little burn out. After eight years of running and managing this site, writing reviews and traveling I became a little worn out from it all. Burnt out, just slightly. To combat this, around 6-7 months ago I started taking some time off, to help. I can now say that after that slight time off I am now back, and ready to rock and roll with my full photographic passion!

Once again, getting out to shoot is exciting me, and reviews are going to start being more plentiful, as in, more of them are on the way than ever before.

I am now back 100% to this website and below are some slight changes that are coming:

  1. I brought on a new “official” writer and reviewer for the 1st time…ever. We have TONS of guest posts and user reports here but as for the official reviews for this website, it has always been me doing them. Now I have brought on CRAIG LITTEN who is one hell of a photographer and writer. He is already knee-deep in his first “official” review for this site and there will be many more to come. So in addition to my reviews and the gust posts from YOU GUYS, Craig will be writing reviews as well. See some of his work on this site, HERE!
  2. The new buy and sell forum is already here and running GREAT. We now have the ability to Private Message each other there, and upload photos for what we are selling. It’s a much easier user interface and will offer all of you the ability to list and sell your gear or get some deals on gear others are selling. This new B&S forum will be 100% SPAM FREE as all posts have to be approved by me before showing up. You can see the new Buy and Sell forum HERE! IT’S FREE TO USE FOR ALL!
  3. There is now a mobile version of the site available for all mobile users. It is quicker to load and much easier to read. BUT for those who prefer to see the full site on their mobile device, you can click on the link at the bottom of the mobile page to switch between desktop or mobile versions. There are still enhancements to come from each version of the site. 
  4. ALL NEW redesign coming by end of the year for faster performance and more features for all of YOU!
  5. Even more passion in my reviews are on the way as I will travel to cool locations for upcoming reviews to keep the images fresh and exciting while I describe my feelings for the new gear as clearly as I can. 
  6. NEW REVIEWS of other items coming as well. I already write HiFi reviews, HERE, but I will also be reviewing other tech items such as gimbals, headphones, speakers and anything that I feel is interesting or exciting 😉 So more reviews or more stuff that most of us probably like and use every day. 
  7. If all goes well with the new addition of Craig Litten, I will add ONE MORE writer/reviewer/news person for the site for even more unique content! IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS QUALIFIED TO BE A NEWS OR PRESS RELEASE ANNOUNCER, EMAIL ME HERE. Having connections within the industry is important for this, and required. In other words, looking for experienced news writers to post daily news blurbs. 
  8. Finally, I still want to see YOUR WORK! Always feel free to send in your DAILY INSPIRATIONS to me or your USER REPORTS and REVIEWS! This gives you a way to promote your work to a large audience while getting feedback as well! Here at this review site, we keep the negativity to a minimum and many here agree that these days, STEVEHUFFPHOTO is one of the friendliest photo review sites on the planet. Negativity is like a bad disease, and we keep it far from here! So if you have images for a Daily Inspire, read HERE how to send them in. If you want to write a full user report and share your thoughts on a camera, lens or accessory, SEE HERE on how to do that! 
  9. MORE REVIEWS FROM MORE BRANDS COMING. Many want to see more Fuji here, even Nikon and Canon. So guess what? Starting in July there will be reviews from MANY more camera manufacturers! So more of what you already see plus more Leica, Fuji, Nikon, Canon, Sigma and more. Awesome 😉 I’m excited and pumped for this. 
  10. MORE video reviews will be coming so if you are not subbed to my YouTube, make sure you subscribe HERE. 

So enjoy the thousands of reviews and posts already here and be sure to come back for many new ones to come 😉 All in the name of real world testing, awesome photography, excitement and passion!!! Have a GREAT HOLIDAY weekend everyone!!!


  1. Thank goodness. The site has become crowd-sourced and filled with mediocre content with decidedly average or worse photos over the last 12-18 months. That means I only check the site every few weeks to see if anything worth reading or looking at has been posted since my last visit. Often the answer is no. I’m looking forward to Craig’s content and (hopefully) a little better screening of the rest of the content.

  2. I look forward to the changes. I would suggest phasing in the changes slowly to allow time for your users to get accustomed to the changes before you introduce another one. I’d also suggest possibly creating a sister site for your hi-fi and gadget reviews so your photography site can remain focused solely on photography.

  3. As long as we still get Steve’s enthusiastic reviews and crazy comparison articles, I’m happy.

    Good luck.

  4. I feel it’s really OK to have guess posts, as long as the number of Steve’s posts doesn’t decrease, or rather gets back to what it was a few years ago. If the guess posts are just extra, there Cannon be a problem. Craig helping with creating “original” site articles will turn out to be a good idea, I think, since I expect him to write in the same “system” as Steve does. Still, it’ll take some time before everybody will get used to it. Anyway, I wish Steve all the best.

  5. Someone asked for my rationale for moving away from this site as it gets more commercialized: Here we go: What put me off more an more are the powers driving this. In the beginning things were focused and balanced and a Leica focus was there as well. Now this will cover everything (like many others) and reviews got more and more “super excited”. “Best ever period” comments in reviews became more frequent and a week after there was a next best thing ever period. Not helpful.
    While the website phoblographer developed more into tips and tricks, portraits etc and Eric Kim’s site keeps reminding people that devices are not everything you can feel the love for photography more on those sites than this one. I am missing the love that I found here in the beginning which got more and more overshadowed by commercial interests.

    • Odd, as from Day one of my original site 8 years ago all I recieved were complaints about “your reviews are too exciting” “you are a Leica fanboy” – blah blah blah. Nothing has changed in the way I write, maybe I have toned down some if anything. IN fact, it is less commercialized TODAY than it was 3 years ago. So odd you seem to feel differently. As for tips and tricks, any tip and trick one would want or need is online already, somewhere. I am not about rehashing articles from other sites, as many sites do indeed do, for content. But today in 2016 I have less advertisers than I did 3 years ago, I write with LESS excitement due to complaints and I, as I have always said and done, only personally review cameras or lenses I love. That’s how it has always been and always will be. Thank you.

  6. A good move Steve. While I will miss your daily input it will surely allow you to achieve better balance in your life given your other profound interests. We all need to pause and re engage from time to time, I’m glad you have found a way to do this.

  7. We wish you the best Steve ! It’s a hell of a job what you’ve been doing all these years. I take off my hat !!!

  8. For about a week this annoying sidebar has been on my iPad with no way to close it start with going back to old designe or fix this please

  9. There is always the fear of change in people. Some want things to never change. And, it is true that when change occurs, there is the chance that things will be worse, not better. But, that is the risk we take with change. In the end, as the Buddhists say, “It isn’t that everything changes. Change is all there is.”

    I wish you success, Steve. This website, for many reasons, has been of great help to me. I look forward to that continuing.

  10. I wish you well -just be aware that the very qualities that made the site interesting in the first place are not lost in the process.
    I am sure you know this already !
    Good luck.

  11. I too hope for a balance, I don’t want so much contents that if I’ve been away for a couple of days I can’t catch up, but equally it’s also disappointing when there’s nothing new. Regarding Craig, welcome. With Steve I have the same taste regarding features and colour signature etc and HiFi also so as I can’t test all this stuff I after many years trust his opinion (I’m keener on Fuji then Steve but agree with his XTran view and use my Fuji purely for JPEG’s which is actually refreshing, I get my processing Kicks on Leica files, a little lights up a lot so easy peesey really), perhaps I won’t match Craig’s taste but for others his stance might be theirs. As already hinted at I like Steve’s view point on other things also. So I think it’s all good but understand the concerns of others. Hey I’m in the UK the whole Country is uncertain at the moment.

  12. This comment is NOT directed at Frank or starfish, as I don’t know (because they both haven’t bothered to explain) what disappoints them about this website,

    Websites like Steve and Rockwell’s have developed the way they have, because of the people who visit and interact with them. If someone like Steve doesn’t take notice of what the majority of his viewers say here, (and via his ‘contact’ tab) he loses supporters, unless they demand higher subscriptions from their readers, which in turn can ‘kill off’ a website because people don’t want to cough up, or expect ‘everything for nothing’ which is a completely unrealistic and selfish.

  13. Yeah, seems like this is going mainstream. It’s a pity but growing in most cases means loosing identity. Good luck. I found myself visiting less and less. When this site started it was my every day go to place because it was different. Hope you make more money with it through the new changes. I found very good other places that are more true to themselves.

    • I hope you are wrong but I do understand your fears. We want more Steve and less casual shooters. This site is all about Steves passion. But it’s his site so he is free to do what he wants. But I liked the old site better. Passion rules!

      • There is no old site yet. Nothing has been changed yet?!?!? Odd. This site will have a redesign by end of the year, as will the mobile site. As of now, nothing has been changed, at all.

        • I think he meant Steve the old site when most of the postings were from you and not the new site since which is mostly postings from uninteresting photos from other people maybe if you or Brandon ? We’re more selective on who gets posted ? Perhaps the new admins will be

  14. Steve what an excellent choice in Craig. I was floored by his Florida pier shots with the Nikon V1 and have draw much inspiration from his artistry. Look forward to his contributions to your great site.

  15. Steve, good luck to you sir! As a Fujifilm X-System user, I look forward to more reviews of that system. I also may be able to contribute some articles as well. Also, Best of luck to Craig.

  16. This is exciting news Steve! Very pleased to see your great site going from strength to strength, and glad to hear your well deserved rest due to initial signs of impending burnout meant positive decisions have been made.. it’s all turning out for the better. Thank you heaps!

    • Are you town scold and an official moderator, Jaap? Who knew.

      Ken Rockwell certainly does hifi and associated reviews, too. Nothing wrong with that, here or there.

      While a yawn is scarcely warranted (there’s no obligation to read material you’re less interested in), nor is a pompous school ma’am assessment towards other commenters who bother to put words to screen. I’m sure Steve can look after himself. And can cope with starfish.

      The world needs more robust commentary lest freedom of speech goes out the window, as it has in various hell-holes.

  17. This is absolutely great. These will be welcomed changes. However…please continue to add your passion and thoughts on this site…after all, it’s what drove the success. Thanks Steve for all the hard work!

  18. Starfish
    Did Mom fail to teach you the golden rule? When you have nothing constructive to say to your public, then keep your critical thoughts to yourself. Consider taking Mom’s good advice to heart. It’s never too late to improve.
    You have many loyal readers who appreciate your contribution. The same is true for Ken.

    Bernice Bermudez

    • I see starfish didn’t read number 8! Good on ya, Steve, I’ve loved your enthusiasm but I do know that you can’t keep enthusiasm up forever without becoming a little fake so well done for taking steps to keep it all sane. Looking forward to seeing what you get up to this month.

    • Does Ken Rockwell allow reader comment on his articles? Or User posts? His reviews are very different/regimented too, personal taste as to what we each prefer I suppose. Personally I’ll spend more time here.

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