Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #15 by Eli Morgan

Bag Giveaway Daily Inspiration #15

by Eli Morgan

Hi Steve!

First I want to say thanks for the website that you are running! I really appreciate the way you review products and enjoy the daily inspiration from your readers.

This is also my first time writing in so here’s a little background. My photography endeavor is a fairly recent one since I bought my first camera right before graduating college in 2010. I guess like many people I just wanted something to take better pictures on vacations that I knew would be coming up so I bought a heavily discounted Samsung NX10 and 18-55. I spent a couple of years with that and focusing mostly on landscape & travel photography. I progressed and decided that I needed a new system so I bought into the m43 with a used OM-D EM-5 after your rave review with the 17mm pancake and the awesome 45mm 1.8.

I swore to myself that I had no interest in taking photos of people, I guess it was just too intimidating. But somehow I decided it was a good idea to offer to take newborn photos for free for a co-worker back in 2014 to get practice for my own upcoming child. What accidentally happened was that I stumbled onto a passion for capturing the special moments and joy that children and families share together. As a father now it’s even more rewarding to see the happiness that can be brought to a family knowing that they have images that they can look back and have those memories and feelings flood back.

I don’t always get a lot of time to do photography jobs between work and my family life, but I surely enjoy it when I do. In the near future I hope to have my website revamped . My Flickr gallery is

These images were taken with either Olympus OM-D EM-5 or EM-1 and the Olympus 45mm f1.8.





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