ONA Bags introduces the Nylon Bowery!

ONA Bags introduces the Nylon Bowery!

The Nylon Bowery is handcrafted from premium nylon and features full-grain leather accents and brass hardware. Highly durable and water-resistant, the Nylon Bowery is also ONA’s lightest bag ever, weighing less than a pound without the strap. It features five exterior pockets, an interior padded with closed-cell foam, and removable inserts. The bag retails for $169 and is available at www.onabags.com.

From Steve: You can see my original Bowery Bag review HERE. 

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  1. I see the ‘new’ Bowery is just like my old Bowery that uses a quick release metal buckle that will smack your camera every time you pull it out of the bag. Unless you use both hands.
    This is the only camera bag I have ever come across that can actually damage your camera!

    • Surely if your other hand is doing something so important that it can’t assist (but how many of us really take a camera out of any bag one handed?) you can just tuck the flap and buckle against your body whilst taking the camera out.

      I got one of these as a present ages ago and use it all the time without any issues. As someone points out below though they are a bit pricey. I like them though.

  2. Can’t remember seeing a lot of bags looking better than the bowery. I’d say just make sure whatever you bring fits in there.

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