The new GoPro 6 vs the GoPro 4 vs the $70 Aukey LC2..sound and low light.

The new GoPro 6 vs the GoPro 4 vs the $70 Aukey LC2..sound and low light.

By Steve Huff

I picked up the new GoPro 6 last night from my local Best Buy, yep local retail sale for once, lol. I use my GoPro 4 Black (I own two of them) almost daily for various video projects and I skipped on the GoPro 5 due to the horrible audio quality it was giving me. Used with the Karma Grip, it was 100% unusable. Used on its own, it was lacking. Muffled and just not good. So after buying and returning a GoPro 5 a while back, I decided to give the new GoPro 6 a try to see if it could unseat my GoPro 4 for sound quality and video quality in the areas I use them in. Mostly every day video outside and inside. Good light, low light. Normally used with a gimbal.

I made a quick video last night testing the video and audio from the new 6, the old 4 and a $70 Aukey LC2 GoPro clone. You can see the results in the video below but I will ay here, I am sticking with my GoPro 4 Black as. the new 6 audio was still leaving a lot to be desired. The color is also much cooler on the new 6 than the old 4 and for my use (I shoot only 1080P) the 4 does much better for me.

A quick and dirty comparison of the audio and low light video from these three action cameras. Can the GoPro 6 unseat my GoPro 4? 

Buy the GoPro 6 at Amazon or B&H Photo

Buy the GoPro 4 Black at Amazon or B&H Photo

Buy the Aukey LC2 at Amazon


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  2. Steve I think the reason the battery door and mics are the way they are, is because they are waterproofed. To have a mic exposed (though it can grab good quality) is to mean that it can fill up with water.
    Hero6 has waterproofing
    Hero4 does not

    • Well, that waterproofing killed a great camera IMO. Awful audio, and the IQ is not as good. Same with the 5 which I had and returned. My 4 is waterproof when in its casing, and thats plenty good enough for me. Until GP improves the IQ and audio, I will keep my set of GP4 blacks.

  3. Was wondering about the new 6 myself, and thanks for your review Steve! After your hearty Removu/hero 4 review, I got the 4 silver and Removu combo for vlogging.
    Been really happy with it, although mostly I use the audio as the scratch track and wear a proper Mic/sound recorder set up,. But every now and again, sometimes I use the Hero 4 audio track because it sometimes beats my separate mic set up -occasionally.
    Just watch out for wind blowing across the heros mic!

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