Gimbals and GoPro For Sale! Removu S1 for GoPro, EVO GP Pro for GoPro…

Gimbals and GoPro For Sale! Removu S1 for GoPro, EVO GP Pro for GoPro…

By Steve Huff


I still have a new EVO GP Pro and the GoPro 4 shown below for the crazy low price of $229 shipped within the USA (PayPal). $640 worth of gear, $229 shipped. Email me if you want it.

Hey all! Happy Sunday! I am headed out with Debby tonight to check out the AZ State Fair and will be shooting with my Olympus EM1 MKII with 25 f/1.2 as well as the 8mm Fisheye 1.8. Also, in my bag will be the X1D if I see any interesting shots that the X1D would do well with. Hopefully I will have a report on that this week.

Just wanted to offer up a couple of gimbals for sale here, and a GoPro 4 Black that has been used for about a year, for dirt cheap ; )

SOLD 1st up, the Removu S1 Gimbal set up for GoPro 4 use. Comes with charger, and two. batteries. This is a fantastic gimbal, that you can read about it at Amazon HERE. I will offer this for $149 shipped within the USA (PayPal). If you want the GoPro 4 Black with it…I will make you a crazy deal at $249 plus $15 shipping. The only issue (or non issue) is I do not have the boxes for any of it, so will all be bubble wrapped carefully and shipped in peanuts, packed very well. Also, the GoPro 4 Black has a tiny scratch on the lens (see image below) – This does not effect the image, at all, that I have seen. I will give two batteries for it, and a USB cable to charge but just as GoPro does not give a charger with the camera, neither do I. So $249 for a $300 gimbal and a $300 camera. This is a deal. The Removu gimbal is like new, and my review of it is HERE. 

2nd up, I have an EVO GP Pro Gimbal (Two of them)  set up for a GoPro 4 as well. If you want to use it with a GoPro 5 or 6, you can buy the adapter HERE for $24. One is like brand new and used twice, with box and sells for $300 on amazon.  Comes with two batteries and a charger. Will sell the new EVO GP Pro for $159 plus $10 shipping (PayPal). I have two of these, only need one.

The 2nd one has no box, comes with two batteries and no charger (But uses standard 18650 batteries) and will sell for $129 shipped (PayPal). Works like new, and looks new but has been used about 20 times. This is a $300 gimbal and top rated. See one of my EVO reviews here to see what it does. 

If anyone wants the GoPro 4 Black on its own, will sell for $139 shipped. Two batteries and USB cable, no box. Works great but see the image here for the scratch. I have another GP 4 Black, and am pairing down to one, with one gimbal.

If anyone has interest in any of this, email me at  – 1st come, 1st pay, 1st serve. Also, if you missed my quick GoPro 4 vs GoPro 6 comparison, see that here. (I like the 4 better for normal 1080 HD work)


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