New from ROCK N ROLL Straps! Napa Straps

New from ROCK N ROLL Straps! Napa Straps

Camera straps have never been that soft before! The Napa M and Napa SL straps, are made from Napa calfskin. Calfskin is particularly valuable because of its softness and fine grain, as well as durability. It is commonly used for high-quality clothing We were thinking of a way to make the softest durable camera strap. We came up with a triple braid made from premium Napa calfskin.


Napa M and Napa SL straps come in two colours (Red and Black) and two sizes100cm and 125cm. The width of the Napa M strap is 17mm ±1mm depending to leather batch and the Napa SL 18mm ±1mm

As a friend photographer said after using the strap for some time…“This strap is visually pleasing and feels excellent to touch. Very silky. Also doubles nicely as a wrist strap. It feels so good on the neck , it is almost like A mix of silk and leather”



  1. Visually appealing. However, I purchased the hand strap for my Leica SL and it was too tight to get on and off my hand so I junked it and bought something else that was perfect. I was surprised they made it such a tight fit as I often buy this type of strap. It was beautifuly made but that is the risk of buying off the internet.

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