Canon 50mm f1.2 RF Lens now IN STOCK!

Canon 50mm f1.2 RF Lens now IN STOCK!

The new Canon 50 1.2 RF is now in stock and shipping at B&H Photo. Mine arrives tomorrow (was supposed to get here last week though) and will say that while I own the older 50 1.2 EF I still wanted this new version as I am a fast 50mm lens junkie, and well, the old version is one of my all time fave 50mm lenses.

I will soon feature this new lens in my full Canon EOS-R review along with shots taken with the old one (which is incredible on the RF as is). But for those who want what many are saying is a masterpiece lens for the RF system, well, can’t go wrong with the 50 1.2 RF version as it is sharper corner to corner, eliminates most of the fringing and offers astounding creamy sharpness even wide open. Comes at the price of size though, as this lens is a beast. Funny how Canon released a prosumer body in the RF but released pro spec lenses while Nikon released a pro body in the Z7 with consumer lenses. I chose Canon due to the fact that I own Canon glass and also love the lenses they announced with the system. To me, the lenses are the heart of any camera system and with lenses that are unique like the 28-70 f/2 and 50 f/1.2 along with the control ring, Canon, for me has the more exciting lenses for their system.

But for anyone who was waiting for the 50 f1.2 RF, it is now in stock at B&H Photo. Amazon sold out 1st day it started shipping.

Buy the Canon 50 f/1.2 RF at B&H Photo HERE. 


  1. I think it is a mistake to label the Nikkor Z lenses as “consumer” just because they are f1.8. As far as I can see they are professional L level glass. Since they are f1.8 they are less expensive, smaller and lighter but not cheap. People are programmed to think that f1.8 are cheap or consumer because they previously have been (except for Leica summicron). It’s a development I applaud. I’d rather have a pro level f1.8 than a f1.4. It’s fast enough and the reduction in size and cost is worth more to me. I think what Nikon has done is revolutionary whereas Canon is designing according to the old paradigm.

    • Osynlig – I could not agree more. I purchased the Z7 and both native lens (available). Coming from Leica, I made the switch to Nikon abut 4 years ago because my vision is not what it used to be. Regardless, I am absolutely stunned the sharpness of the 35m f1.8 Z lens shot wide open. In my opinion, it is every bit as sharp as any Leica glass I’ve owned through the years. (Noctilux, Summilux, Summicron). It’s far from consumer grade, I assure you.

  2. Mystery solved! Canon reveals what the R in Canon EOS R really means

    In an interview with DCWatch, Canon revealed that the R in its latest camera actually stood for a number of things throughout the camera’s inception.

    “In the development stage, various words such as ‘Revert’, ‘Reborn’, etc with ‘R’ flickered with the meaning of ‘redefining’ EOS again ‘to reactivate’,” noted Canon in a translated interview. But none of those were what they went with, instead they chose the R to stand for… Re-imagined.

  3. I have two f1.4 (fast for me) full frame lenses for Sony. While I’ve gotten a few fun dreamy shots with each, I hardly ever use/carry them. Actually, I hope to use them more in the future on ocassions when my objectives swing more toward ‘art’ than versatility and memories. Sometimes getting a few stunning shots is better than hundreds of just good ones.

  4. I find it amusing no one talks much about mirrorless size these days. That seemingly used to be the main reason many switched. I own mirrorless, (Fuji X-H1, several lenses including the large 16-55mm) but reach first for my Nikon D850 95% of the time. There’s no way around the size of fast glass. The one f4 Nikon lens I own (among the rest f2.8 or faster), is smaller and just about the size of equivalent f4 mirrorless. The size of this 50mm Canon is right in line with what I am describing. I’d buy it in a second if I were a Canon shooter.

  5. Too big, too heavy and too expensive. For having a new good R system, camera size have to come down and also lens size and weight. That Canon lens is a show off, look what we can do …

  6. We agree about Canon R lenes announcement more attractive.
    50 1.2 R closed to Noct Leica , this is what I think.

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