Leica SL $1500 Price Reduction. USA model.

Leica SL $1500 Price Reduction. USA model.


There are a few Leica SL bodies left at the Leica Store San Francisco and they are listed on Amazon at $4495 each. This is via Amazon Prime and from a Leica store, so 100% USA models. B&H has it listed at $5995.

Save $1500 and get a USA model with USA warranty with free prime shipping (if you are a prime member of course). Love this camera, one of my all time faves even today in August of 2019. THIS IS A STEAL for the SL. I would take an SL at $4500 over a new Panasonic S1 at $2500. I own both and have gravitated back to the SL AGAIN, as I always do. The SL is a camera that is destined to become a classic. One camera that kills “upgradeitis”.

You can snag one at the price of $4500 at Amazon HERE. 


  1. I just paired my SL with the new Sigma L-mount 45mm f2.8 lens. OMG! This lens seems every bit as good as any of the Leica Summicron L lenses. Very sharp wide open and when stopped down to f5.6 sharp from edge to edge. At $550 this all metal lens with aperture ring is a worthy companion to the SL. At $5K for the pair it’s not “cheap” but I assure you if you can afford the SL, this lens will justify the purchase.

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