About Me and this Website. 

This website was started 14 years ago as of July 2020. Fourteen years of reviews, meeting new friends, putting on some amazing road trips and workshops, testing amazing cameras and also showcasing YOUR work for so many years. Enjoying 3 million visitors per month at its peak, STEVEHUFFPHOTO is known worldwide for honest camera and audio reviews.

Ushered in during the start of the MIRRORLESS revolution, I always preferred to talk about cameras here from Leica, Olympus and Sony. This was the first site to offer REAL WORLD REVIEWS (I coined that term for my camera reviews long before others with big hair did) and truly promoted mirrorless as the future, all in a time when everyone told me Mirrorless was never going to take off, LOL.

I have been into cameras since I was a kid, and HiFi Audio for 30 years. Both are things in life I am passionate about which is why this site started back in 2006. To bring to life my dream of writing about what I love and having all of you enjoy it, or get something from it. I did just that and enjoyed success here beyond my wildest dreams.

I live a stress free life that allows me to focus on what is most important. Family, love and enjoying life. Learning from life. All from this website that has allowed me to live an amazing life. Not one of riches in money but one with riches in love and simplicity.

In 2020 I will be scaling back on camera reviews for various reasons (camera companies do not seem to like honest reviews these days, just hype and to “play the game” to stay in good with them), but will bring you some cool audio and gadget reviews as always. So check back and see what the next fourteen years may bring ; ) Love you all!

A video I did for CosySpeed in Las Vegas. It shows my style of Street Photography.