Dec 222011

Hello Steve,
Many greetings from cold germany.

My name is Niklas Josefsson and 17 years old. I’m reading your blog now for about a year. Because of your love to Leica products, I sacrificed my driving-licens-money to buy a Leica M6 and a Voigtländer 35mm Nokton ( thanks to your review ;) )
I’m actually trying to take my M6 every where i go. It’s hard and im not able to take atleast one picture a day.

The first picture was taken this summer, while i was visiting my friend Cornelius, a fellow photographer in Erfurt, Germany. It’s taken from a bike at night, shot at a 8/th or 13/th at ISO 1600. It always makes me happy to see that I nailed a  difficult shot. ;)

The second shot was also taken this summer, on a holiday trip to Sweden. We stopped in Kopenhagen to catch the train to Alvesta. The train was ( who would have guessed) late so I had time to shoot a little bit. Im always suprised how chased people are.

The third picture was taken in Juny this year ( well, summer again). Julio, a friend from brazil visited us for a year and everything ends, this year did way too fast. We all miss him, but I was able to catch the last sparks of his year in Germany. ( And im very pleased with the bokeh and the looks of the Nokton ;) )

I’m not a very in updating my flickr, because it always takes me 2-3 Months to get my films developed ( i’m still sitting on 12 rolls from this summer…).
But it would be awesome if you could visit my flickr ;)

Thanks for reading,

  9 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #298 by Niklas Josefsson”

  1. thanks everyone for your positive feedback (:

  2. First shot is brilliant, really has a feel to it. Also, to shoot from a moving bicycle is different, and a very welcome change. Very nice indeed.

  3. I’m saving up for the same combination, although I might end up with the Zeiss Ikon as used ones are a few hundred dollars cheaper than the M6.
    Love the movement on photo #2.

  4. I love the first one. No one could make better picture, be it Gene Smith, Robert Frank or Luis Vuitton Hassie digi, Leica M-9 or else. It’s so misterious and telling me everything about life and destiny that it makes me to give up the photography and retreat to zen painting school. I hope it makes it way right on to the All Time Photographers Fame Hall.

  5. Keep on shooting!
    just dont forget that you cant pick up girls with your leica ;)

  6. Love the flare and colors of the first one. My have shots the second one due to the blur.

  7. Gruß aus Rheinland-Pfalz! You have a very nice camera there and are putting it to good use, no. 2 is my favorite. Keep up the good work!

  8. I like the second and third shots the most… The second has that movement to it and the second has some intimacy. I agree with the OOF comment of the third shot, it brings the people out but keeps things in context… Keep on shooting, you might not need a driving license since you will be able to pay for a Chauffeur and keep shooting from the back seat of your luxury Sedan. Thanks for sharing…

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