Dec 282011

Hi Steve

I have been a regular follower of your blog for about a year now. I have found it to be a must read for great real reviews and inspirational photos.
I am a full time wedding and portrait photographer, but my passion since I was about 15 (i’m now in my 50’s!) has always been street photography. I guess it’s because I have always lived in or around London, England never in the countryside and also I just love people and people watching.
Indeed I had my first ‘street’ photograph published on the front page of the local newspaper when I was 15, of a road which depicted mismatching road speed limit signs that caught my eye and I thought was amusing. To this day its this style of street photography that I love, capturing the often unseen real funny moments in life.
As for gear like many I aspire to The Leica M9, although by the time I have the funds and can justify the purchase it will probably be the M11!.
I hope you like the attached photos. The first was taken on the Leica D-lux 4, the other two on my current camera the Fuji X100 (your review helped me decide on this purchase).
Kind regards
Gary Perlmutter
Link to more of my work on Flickr:
Twitter: @gazonthestreet

  28 Responses to “Daily Inspiration #301 by Gary Perlmutter”

  1. haha, these are refreshing and great. shining examples of someone putting more thought into what they put into their pictures, rather than what gear they carry at their side. you’re a clever bastard and i really enjoyed these. a wow, not in camera… but, photographer envy.

  2. Great fun!! You could have gotten a job with Monty Python as an idea man. Please keep at it…..

  3. Gary, awesome shots and the humor is great. I appreciate that. Quick quistion, have you had any problems with your x100? I love that camera but all the stuff I read about sticky blades and horrible auto/manual focus. I like the looks of the colors from the Fuji. Kind of considering the X10 or the Pan.GX1. Thanks for your time.

    • Not had any problems with sticky blades. As I said above I sometimes use an aperture of f8, set camera to manual focus and use the depth of field available to me. Personally I like the large sensor of the X100 otherwise if it had been out when I bought mine I may have considered the X10.

      • Thanks, Gary… Man, this is a complicated thing, this camera choosing process. None of them have all of the features I want and there are so many trade-offs, it’s tough to make a decision. It is down to X100, X10 and Nikon 1V1. Decisions, decisions. Then I wonder what will come out in early 2012?? Hahahaha…

        • Buy a used, top of the line film camera for about 50 quid and stick some film in it. Amazing how much fun old time technology can be…….:)

  4. Gary thanks, I really like your pics. Let me ask you please, do you have any trouble shooting with x100, I mean about her slow AF, the bugs of his software and so on ? Would you buy it again ?
    And thanks to Steve too for sharing your article :)

  5. Superb pictures …

  6. Thanks for all your lovely comments people, glad you like my work.

  7. My favorite, ‘Just Friends’, what a lot of fun never mind great timing!

  8. Great eye with the stripes! Favorite one.

  9. Hi Gary,
    oh, what a GREAT Flickr stream, thanks for sharing with us

  10. I’m inspired! Reminds me that it’s “who’s behind the camera”…”not the camera” that matters!

  11. Great images! The X100 does quite a lot better than the D Lux though, imho.

  12. Very, very nice street pictures!! Great compositions and you are spot on with regards to timing. This really inspires! Keep on the excellent work.

    Ps Steve, thanks for sharing

  13. Excellent eye for detail and humour in your images, very nice thanks for sharing.

  14. Great pictures and great compositions. totally refreshing! Thanks for posting

  15. These pics are telling storys, humoric and subtile. They stimulate my imagination. Thats the sense of street photography in some way. Great!!!

  16. Great photos, thank you for posting them, really enjoyed them and your flickr selection as well

  17. Wow I really your pictures. They’re very fun and humorous! Thank you for sharing! :)

  18. This is the kind of street photography I love! Reflects some patience and effort and a keen eye. Amazing images well spotted and captured.

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