New Reviews On The Way!

I have many new reviews on the horizon and this week I am taking delivery of FOUR cameras to review and various lenses.


First, FINALLY I will be getting a Leica X1 to review! I will be able to shoot with it for 2-3 weeks so I will take my time with it to make sure I get the most out of it that I can. So the review will be up next year 2010 (which is not too far away)!. Thanks to Leica for allowing me to keep it for a while. 🙂 Also,

Also, I ordered an Olympus E-P2 for my wife with EVF kit and all. I love the looks of the E-P2 in black and the EVF is supposed to be very nice. Look for an ongoing review and diary of this one as well as future m4/3 lens reviews including the 7-14, 14-150 and all the others! BTW, B&H just posted it as IN STOCK so if you have been waiting for it, grab it while you can.

Two other cameras coming my way this week will be the Nikon D300s and the Canon 7D. I have less excitement for the D300s as it appears that it is just a revamped D300 (but then again, the E-P2 is just a hot rodded E-P1). As for the 7D I am excited to shoot some video with it as well as get some images. Will these DSLR’s tear me away from my M9? Hmmmmmm…what a cliffhanger 🙂

I am also going to post a Zeiss ZM 35 2.8 C-Biogon review as well as the 28 2.8 Zeiss. I have not been able to shoot with them so much these past two weeks as other lenses took a priority for me.

So make sure you bookmark, subscribe and check back daily for something new! These camera reviews will be starting to pop up within a week or two and after that there should be a continuous stream of camera goodness!


  1. Really looking forward to the X1 review. If possible, can you do some side-by-side with other point-n-shoots on size, wieght and if Leica has learned anything from the M8 battery charger in the size dept. ?

  2. If you mean review, The EP2 instead of the GF1 because if you click on the “others” tab at the top of any page you will see I already reviewed the GF1 🙂

    If you mean why did I buy an E-P2 over a GF1, well, it is for my wife and she preferred the look and feel of the E-P2. 🙂

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