First Leica X1 Snaps!

Received the Leica X1 today in its ful packaging and let me tell you that if a camera was judged on packaging and looks alone, this X1 would be the most amazing camera ever made. I will be shooting it for 2-3 weeks and a review will follow but wanted to post two of my first images with the camera. These were quick snapshots and are out of camera. No post processing AT ALL. Onto the samples…

ISO 100 – F4.5 – 1/100ths – click image for larger 1200PX wide


ISO 3200 – F2.8  – click image for larger version


I will not be commenting on anything else until my review but thought you guys would like to see a couple of samples, plus I am pretty excited to be shooting with it. Leica also sent me the X1 grip and case. I will have a detailed video “unboxing” in my review because the packaging is amazing. Also this review will be very thorough and have plenty of real world samples. BTW, I am shooting the Olympus E-P2 side by side with the X1. Thanks for looking!


  1. Brian, thanks. BTW, that 1st photo has ZERO processing and ZERO sharpening. The images that I have so far for my review are BLOWING MY MIND for IQ. I wish I could just post them all now but they have to be saved for the review! Anyway, I also have a D3000 here and will write about that as well. Thanks for the comments.

  2. Awww, I was really hoping you would shoot with the viewfinder. Since if I do end up purchasing this camera, I’d like it to be as classic as possible. I don’t like staring into bright LCDs all day…

    Oh the other hand, WOW! The color rendition doesn’t feel like anything my D300 churns out. There is also a slimmer depth-of-field than what I had previously thought. I’m not sure if it’s just me but the first photo seems a little bit soft BUT WHATEVER! It’s amazing! &+ the converted black and whites have a way different feel to them! Even before your review, I’m sort of having an inner joy to possibly get this camera. I still have to consider the D3000 though(It’s extremely small too).

  3. I am thrilled you are shooting the Olympus at the same time. I have an EP-1 that may be replaced by an X1 depending on the results of your review.

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