Daily Inspiration #7 – “Untitled” Submitted by Roger Paperno

It has been tough choosing the images for this daily post because there are so many great images coming in. Today I want to share with you an image by Roger Paperno taken with a Leica M9 and 50 Summilux ASPH lens. Thanks for the submission and the inspiration Roger! I love this image! You can visit Rogers portfolio website here to see more. Be sure to submit YOUR images as I feature a new one every day or two!



  1. You are a brilliant artist Roger!
    One of my favorites for sure…
    Thank you for sharing your talent & your obvious love of people and imagery.
    Keep up the amazing work and I look forward to more wonderful photo shoots in exotic, beautiful places together. Working together with you in Italy & the Caribbean will always remain high on my list of modeling highs! 😉
    I wish you and your family a happy, healthy, prosperous New Year!
    Peace & blessings always~
    Tracey Lynne

  2. I love it Roger!
    The contrast of the soldier/guard with the crowd is amazing… his stillness sorrounded by the pack of curious people was brilliantly caught by your camera and your observant eyes… ;0) Great shot!

  3. What a slice of life here… and to see how many cameras you caught in motion! The soldier is perfectly placed! Bravo, Roger.

  4. It just goes to show that you are checking out the WHOLE scene, not just where the “action” is… this image shows the rest of the story!

  5. This image is so strong, yet so delicate. I love the composition and the values. And the sense of humour! Fantastic.

  6. I love this image because it reminds me of our trip. And I am happy you were looking the other way – the crowd of tourists was just as fascinating as the change of the guards. I think people would pluck the golden buttons off their uniform for souvenirs if they could LOL

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