Daily Inspiration #18 by Martin Herrera

This image was submitted by Martin Herrera and was shot with his M8. Here is the description he sent me for this image:

“Leica M8 with a Summilux 35, 1/60 at ISO 160. This image was created in downtown Montevideo, Uruguay (where I live). It’s a series of 3 images (which I attach below, not sure what you prefer to publish). I was waiting in the corner (inside my car) at the red light, when these two kids approaached me. They were clearly coming up from the beach, shirtless with a beach ball. I took a 3 exposures, and then they saw I had some coins right by the shift. When I gave them 10 Uruguayan Pesos each (1 USD), they both said ‘wow! two crackers each’ (fa! dos galletas para cada uno – in spanish).”

Thanks for the submission Martin! To see more of his work, check out his site HERE.

Por dos galletas (for two crackers) 3 of 3

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