E-P2 Filmstrip #13 – Late night drive

Once again I went out with this little Olympus E-P2 set to the Grainy B&W Art Filter. As I was driving through this town I just snapped things that caught my eye and put the ones I liked into a “filmstrip”. This filter on the Olympus is about as close as I have seen to film for a right out of camera digital file. Also, these are just straight out of camera JPEGS as the filters do not get embedded on the RAW files.

I have had a few e-mail requests to post more of these so since I am having so much fun with them I decided to keep posting them as I find the ones I like. I shot these  with the Panny 20 1.7 and I hope to have the review for  this lens up sometime tomorrow! Oh, and in case you are wondering…this is filmstrip #13 but I have not posted them all. I think I only posted 2 of these so far but I have been building a collection of them with personal family shots.

My M9 should be back in my hands on MONDAY and I am going to shoot some of these with that and the 35 Summarit at ISO 2500. Should be interesting!

Oh, and these are all ISO 1600 and it was dark out. No focus issues, and all are at 1.7. 🙂


  1. Francis, I disagree! BTW, those were the only shots I took yesterday. Maybe 20 from that set. Anyway, I have the masters from those in color with the RAW files. That effect is only on the JPEGS and I always shoot RAW/JPEG. So the “fake film look” as you call it is not stuck on those images forever.

    Also, I have a few thousand film images on my hard drive from my old M7/MP and I have to say, they look no better really than these “fake” film filters. These filters are there for the people who are not so into their photography. For those who do not own photoshop or software. It is an easy, simple way to get an effect right out of the camera.

    I was speaking with someone who bought an E-P1 as their first digital ever and they do not have the slightest idea what photoshop does. For that person, these filters are amazing. That is what it is all about. Sure, someone like you or me will always shoot RAW (and as I said, I did) but these shots were just for fun. Nothing serious or special. Just wanted to see how the camera would focus at night, and how the mode would look shooting at night.

    The X1 will provide better IQ overall, no question there at all. But I must say that the E-P2 is a bit funner to shoot. Also, just as you mentioned it is simple to set the aperture, shutter speed, iso and focus on the E-P2. I do it every time I shoot.

    Thanks for the comments.


  2. Sorry man I will sound different… Viva la X1 for simplicity. There 4 darn things to set before you release the shutter: Sensitivity, Aperture, Speed and Focus. Sorry those shot are stuck with that fake film look forever. I prefer when you do it in PP I am sure it is quick to apply the effect. From now On I will be looking for the cleanest file I can get from any camera and hell with all the art modes. You take a lot of great pictures, you must be shooting a few thousands per month so you can afford playing a round with those things. I go out to shoot once a month or even less and the more complicated things get the worse my pictures. Is it normal that my best pictures are from that old Canon G2? Yesterday I was shooting film and I kept saying: ”Darn, what is this going to look like?” 10 years ago I would shoot film and know where the focus was and what was OOF since the instant gratification provided by digital I lost that capacity. I need to make it simple again so I concentrate more on what I do rather than features. Keep up the good work.

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