1. @ LaDra: Yup, it’s shot on kodak ektar 100. To be honest, I dropped off the film at my processing centre. Got them to scan it at 4-bit (low resolution). Once I get back the files, I just add a little vignetting to it. That’s it! No other pp.

  2. Junquan, this is a film shot right? (M7)
    So once you scan it, what is your work flow with it?
    On digital we go RAW most of the time, but I would love to know your process.


  3. Yup, this old guy is a little pom. He just had his fur trimmed a while ago, that’s why it’s not long and fluffy. Hope he’ll stay around for a long long time. My wife was so happy when she saw this photo posted. Thanks guys! =)

  4. Hey Junquan,

    My dog is also 12 and lost most of his teeth as well. This dog looks like a little pom. My mother in law had one that lived to 18 or 20!

  5. Thanks again Steve! He’s my wife’s baby, almost 12 yrs old this year. Currently staying thousands of miles away from us. He just had an operation last week to remove all his teeth. Poor guy…

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