Daily Inspiration #27 by Garry Taylor

Another day, another inspiration! Today, I also wanted to take this space to say THANK YOU to everyone who has been submitting images! I already have a folder with hundreds of images and it’s my nightly job before bed to dig through them and find one that catches my eye. I am having lots of fun, and getting loads of inspiration. I also want to remind everyone that this is not a contest or competition. It’s for fun, learning, and for sharing your images and your passion. The photos I feature here will not always be amazing WOW images but if they have some of that passion thrown in then it usually catches my eye.

With that said, todays “Daily Inspiration” is superb. I love night shots and this one was shot on slide film. I love the color, the glow and the blur. It was submitted by Garry Talor and this is what he had to say about it:

“Hi Steve,

I was introduced to your blog by my brother, and now read every day. I took this shot over the new year with my Zeiss Ikon, Nokton 1.4 35mm lens and Fuji Velvia 50. The shot is in dead of night, so how this exposed at all is a miracle. Out of the 5 rolls I shot over christmas and new year it’s the only shot I like, I find this to be heartening if not quite inspiring. It’s the first time I’ve shot Velvia, and although I read a lot about slide film being intolerant to dodgy exposure and difficult light, I think the colours the film can capture came out pretty nice. Despite effectively throwing away 5 rolls of film and development costs, this photo has made me want to persevere with shooting film and any tips/comments on how I can improve are much appreciated.

Thanks, Garry”

Well, THANK YOU GARRY for the kind words and information on this image! Keep shooting that Velvia!

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