Daily Inspiration #182 by Alfonso Diaz Secades

Hey Steve!

First of all I want to thank you for the chance you give to all people outside there with your Daily Inspirations.

I’d like to show my pictures in your website so I’ve attached you some of them. The number one is a real boxer, he is a friend of mine and I shooted him before his last fight. The second one is in my hometown (Oviedo – Spain) and he’s probably the youngest street artist I’ve ever met. And the third picture is a drawer in Midtown Manhattan, I lived in NYC for a while and I did some street photography. I use to work with a tiny Yashica T3 and Kodak Tri-x, dveloping w/ D76 at home and then scanning them with an Epson v700 but for the first picture I used a Nikon FE2 with a 50mm f1.8. I keep shoooting film because I think it gives me better results.

You also can see my portfolio: http://www.flickr.com/photos/fonsecades/

I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Thanks so much.

Warm regards.

Alfonso Secades.


  1. Alfonso I hope your friend won his fight. I love the way the ribbed background works so well with the boxers stance and that look on his face sure sets the scene. The artist looking at you,
    the photographer, as if he was measuring you as he drew, makes for a battle of composition between you both, which I feel resolves very well in that photograph.

    Lovely work

    Thanks Peter

  2. Great photos, Alfonso! I like all three, but especially the sketch artist. That one really pulls me into the picure.

  3. Alfonso, nice work. The sketch artist is fabulous. What a great look you captured! He might be a character straight out of Dostoevsky: the pressure of his fingers on the pad, and that look… what is going on in his head? His fellow artist mostly faceless; the traffic reflection heading out of frame one way and a lone passerby just leaving it the other all add to the feel of that moment. Very strong. Street photography at its best, a page to be written on by the imagination.


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